Friday, November 4, 2016


Yesterday I was alerted by my brother about this account. This person was impersonating me by posting many pictures of me (mostly taken from my blog). After viewing the account I asked my friends and family to help me to report it, so this account was banned in like 15 minutes of me noticing it. 

And actually I was blocked by that account, so when I was searching for it, this popped out. It was so weird to me that this James Vincent Smith guy kept tagging that account that was impersonating me. So I clicked into his profile.

And then I saw this. This person was using my photo as his cover picture. Not only 1, but used at least 2 other photos as well.

The photo he edited

My original photo

Other photos that he has posted of me.

Another one.

Even claiming that I talked to him. (If you zoom in closer you can see that's a picture of me on his messenger screenshot)

As if James Vincent Smith I isn't enough, there's II also.

And then I found this person's Instagram. Which contained his own photos and a ton of mine. INCLUDING photos of my friends and family WHICH I FEEL SUPER DISGUSTED BY. This account can't be found anymore. Either it has been banned by Instagram...or became this private profile now.

Just because you blocked me, doesn't mean that I can't find you.

And suddenly out came this 2nd account of me on Facebook. Again trying to impersonate me. 烦不烦哦?

Then I found his (I assume) real Facebook account. 

On surface it looks pretty normal. 

Then...when scrolling through his cover photos I found this. Even though someone already pinpointed out it's edited, still so muka tebal to keep it there.

And this too. These captions are disgusting me to no ends. Seriously.

Anyway this is what he looks like.

"We learned about honesty and integrity"... wow really? Too bad you didn't learn about not misusing other people's photos and impersonating people.

Oh look! Another Facebook profile. Similar pictures with James Vincent Smith II

And another one.... (that used another girl's picture on his cover. ew.)

How many Facebook accounts does one need....

 Eh got twitter also.

Through his twitter links, I found this page. And there he is. Suspect he created this page for his club/society or whatever.

Already left my footprints there. Hope some of your friends get to see what you have done/are doing :)

Even created a twitter account. Again impersonating me.

Hello Alvin/James/Vincent/Zach/I dont care what your real name is, you most probably will see this blog post since 90% of the photos you take and posts are from my blog. If you are reading this, as you can see, I am not very happy that you are using my photos and impersonating me. 

All I feel is disgust at why on earth would someone do something like that and have so much free time on their hands to do so. (If you really have so much free time, you could probably do something meaningful, like...get an education about the proper use of the internet and learning not to misuse other people's photos?)

Anyway, I have Private messaged you on one of your many Facebook accounts, and like I said, this is something only an uneducated & attention seeking person would do. You seem educated enough to not do these kind of things. After all, it seems like you learned a lot about honesty and integrity right?

You do realize that after I post this, the next time someone Google's your name or that club/society of yours they have a chance of stumbling on this blog post of mine and see alllllllllll of the immoral/insane things that you have done/are doing? Good luck with that.

I hope you realize how stupid this is. If not, you definitely will when you finally grow up.