Thursday, September 29, 2016

A day in my life (Exchange student at NCCU)

It's been almost a month here in Taiwan now and I thought I should jot down what I do on most days here.

On days when I have classes, I will eat breakfast. This is the canteen right below my dorm, it's called 安九 ("Enjoy"). There's quite a lot of variety here, from economy rice to soup noodles.

This is the stall I usually order from for breakfast. They have toast, 蛋饼 (which is like roti canai), mee...etc. But I usually just order toast. Yes I know their toast looks rather white and not...toasted, but I promise it's crunchy. That's my matcha green tea toast for NT$15 (about RM2).

Or, I sometimes take breakfast at Hi-Life, which is kinda like another ty pe of 7-11 here. They usually have sets like a sandwhich and a drink will cost about NT$49 (about RM6.50). We do have a 10% student discount here, and they have ATM machines to let us withdraw money.

And then it's time to fight a spot on the bus. I live in a dorm uphill, so I usually take the bus down. It costs NT$1 (RM0.13) per bus ride. In the mornings, the bus comes every 20 mins. After 6pm, the bus comes every 10 mins.

On weekdays when everyone has classes, there will be a super long queue. If you're lucky and in the first 13 to line up, you will get a seat. If not, just stand lah. It's only like a 4 mins ride down. But the roads are quite winding, so gotta hold on tight.

This is the Faculty of Commerce, which is my faculty. It is about 9 or 10 stories high. It's really big as compared to my faculty back in UM.

I am taking 4 subjects, a total of 12 credit hours. The pictures below are what my classes look like. So far I still havent entered my Money and Banking class yet because during the 1st week, it was the Mid-Autumn festival holidays, then last week my lecturer had personal matters.

Organizational Behaviour class

Investment class
Service Marketing class

Their class timings here are quite unique. Classes start 10 mins later than stated time. Meaning if it says class starts at 9am, it actually starts at 9.10am. Then every 50 mins of class, we will get a 10 mins break. There's a school bell that actually rings during break times. It's pretty cool. haha. Feels like primary/secondary school all over again.

Finding food is not a problem here. This is the street right outside of my Uni, a lot of restaurants and shops here, everything is walking distance.

This is one of my favourite restaurants to eat. It's called 左撇子 and their rice here is really good! Mostly costs NT$75 (about RM10).

There is also a building in our Uni that has a lot of different varieties of food stalls selling food. First floor is where most students eat at. 2nd and 3rd floor are the more expensive and atas kind of food, so we don't eat there.

Of course there are days where I need to do laundry. Other than washers, they have dryers. Their washer and dryer here have the same 6 settings to choose from (perm press, white coloured clothes, normal clothes, delicates, wool...etc). Washers only take 30 mins, while dryers take 45 mins. Dryers are so useful! Your clothes really come out fully dried (except those thicker ones, still have to hang those). And for the record, it only costs NT$20 (about RM2.50) to use both.

 On weekends or even weekdays when we don't have classes, we head out to explore!

Visiting Ah Siang & Evonne at NTU (National Taiwan University)
Shilin Night Market

So far I have adapted to the life here in Taiwan. Getting used to the food (still will miss nasi lemak and asam laksa though), their way of life, how they speak...etc. Hope to explore more of Taiwan and get to know this beautiful country better :)

P.S: No more typhoons please. I think we have experienced it enough. haha
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