Monday, July 11, 2016

Top 6 things that I found surprising when working at Mc Donald's / My experience working at Mc Donald's

Somewhere in between my study week I came across this online post  of a Mc Donald's job advertisement to be a casual crew / kru raya during the Raya Holidays. It looked like good money to me, and I had nothing to do during the holidays anyway, so I decided to apply for it.

They hired me 2 hours after my application even though I have zero working experience in the F&B line. Super fast I know. haha.

My pay was RM8 per hour (salary depends on the area and branch you are working at) and had to work 8 hours a day. Honestly have never been paid so high before for a part time job, and getting to know the behind the scenes of my frequent visited fast food outlet is pretty exciting!

Work outfit comprises of any white tee, black pants, black shoes, and of course, the Mc Donald's cap (In case you're wondering, we didn't get to keep it).

On my first day, I was first placed as a runner.

A runner is someone who gets the food packed for the customers. Means we deliver the food from the kitchen to the counter. It gets pretty hectic especially during peak hours. There are screens for us to look at the orders and we have to know which counter to deliver it to and whether they are dining here or taking away. Also we have to be quick because they do count the time that the customers have to wait before their orders are delivered. Obviously I much prefer when customers are having their meals here because it saves the hassle of packing the items.

Then I got placed at the counter

Which is the person that takes the orders. I have to know where the products are at on the screen, and also make sure I count the money correctly. Hardest part was clicking the wrong item/customers wanting to change their order more than 3 times, which then the manager has to come and void the order. Orders over RM100 also have to gain managers approval (they have to swipe their cards and key in a password) before it can be done. 

After working there for 8 days, here are the Top 6 things that surprised me when working at Mc Donald's:

1. After dinner hours are the real peak hours

Seriously. People line up to the door even though all 3 counters are opened after 9pm. And it gets worse and worse closer to midnight. The amount of people is seriously so surprising to me, considering that the branch I worked at wasn't even located in town. And you would think that they are all just here for some light supper / desserts. But NO. People still order full meals at 11.30pm, and I'm just like....really people. I'm not sure whether this only happens during school holidays but I honestly thought that the peak hours will just be during lunch and dinner time.

2. The amount of people that want "Pepsi" as their drink.

Since when has Mc Donald's ever had Pepsi!? To my knowledge, I have never seen Mc Donald's served Pepsi before, it has always been Coke (and other drinks la, but this is the main one). Around 5 out of 10 customers will request for Pepsi, and I will always have to tell them we do not have that. To which then I have to list out alllllll the types of drinks that we have, and then 98% of them will choose Coke. =.=

3. The Sundae Cone is actually quite hard to make.

You know the RM1 cones that many people love. It looks so simple to make, but yet it took me at least 10 times before actually successfully making one. And don't get me started about the Choco top. We had to dip the sundae cones upside down into the chocolate fudge. Yes. Upside down. So sometimes, if we didn't do the sundae cone properly, the whole blob of ice cream will fall into the chocolate fudge, and we have to faster scoop it out before it hardens. Appreciate your ice creams people. It's cheap but it ain't easy. 

4. Mc Donald's has Mushroom soup!

When I saw I was like whaaaaaaatttt. Since when!? Since 2 years ago apparently. Not their most popular item, it only gets ordered once in a blue moon, but yes it's on the menu. Don't ask me how it tastes, I didn't try it.

5. The amount of people that order the McD Fried Chicken (a.k.a Ayam Goreng McD)

I never ever thought of going to Mc Donald's to order their fried chicken. Because they are mainly known for their burgers right? But seriously SO MANY customers order them. So out of curiosity, I tried it once during my 8 days there. Erm, not my cup of tea, but it is a favourite of many customers apparently.

6. The staffs are very efficient

There is no such thing as 'nothing to do' during times where there are no customers. There is always something to stock up / refill / wipe / throw...etc. This is especially when times are busy, and even when you finally get a 5 mins breather, you still have to be doing something. Like for instance I keep having to refill the chili sauce packets and wipe the trays when I was working at the counter, if not, when things get busy, I won't get a chance to do so, and it is stressful when things run out and there is a long line of customers waiting. Even when they are not responsible for that certain part, but they always help each other out. Like when I'm taking orders, the person from the other counter who is free will help me restock my things. They have excellent teamwork I must say.

So anyway, I have also compiled some Q&As that I feel covers the basics for those who are interested to work at Mc Donald's. (Please note that I have only worked there for 8 days, so everything that I have mentioned will be based on my experience in this short time)

(i) Is it fun working at Mc Donald's?
Yes it is (for short term lah at least, I'm not sure about long term). It is tiring also la, but to be honest it's the most fulfilling casual part time job I've ever had thus far. You know people always think it's the best if you have nothing to do at work, but seriously, it gets verrryyyy boringggg. Mc Donald's is fun! You're working as a team to get the job done and time passes very fast :D

(ii) Do they provide free meals for workers at Mc Donald's?
Yes they do. We get to choose anything from the menu (except the doubles I think. Like Double Samurai Jr.) + Fries / Ice Cream / Pie + a Drink. I always drink plain water only though. Because I don't want to drink sugared drinks for 8 days. My favourites are the Samurai Jr, Spicy Chicken Deluxe and the Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB)

(iii) How long is the break time?
Half an hour. Which is just enough time to eat and go to the washroom. Then we're back to work again. 

(iv) Do they provide EPF?
Yes they do. Even for temporary part time workers like us :D By the way, they pay us in cash.

(v) Are the managers and other staffs at Mc Donald's friendly?
Extremely. I am lucky to meet managers and the other crews that are super nice, helpful and friendly. They are very understanding, and were very nice to all of us. I actually spilled my drink. Twice. Super clumsy I know. Not only did they not scold me, but they very strongly insist that I go get another one. They didn't even said things like "Faster wipe it up!" or anything along those lines, their priority was making sure that I got another drink.

(vi) Any interesting customer stories?

"Hi can I have a Zinger burger?" 
"Er... Zinger burgers are from KFC."

"Can I have a Mc Chicken without the burger patty?" 
"So you just want the buns, lettuce, and mayo?" 
"O...kay, that will be RM10.05  sir  (no price reduction even though you don't want the patty)."

*Sees the same customer coming in every day.* 
(This cannot be healthy. Don't get me wrong, I love Mc Donald's, but no matter what, fast food will be fast food and I try to only consume it less than 3 times a month.)

*Sees the same customer coming in once in the morning, again in the afternoon, and then again at night* 
(I pray for your body my dear customer.)

Final question,

Will I ever consider doing it again?
Yes. I will definitely consider going back next year if circumstances allows me to do so :) and and...if their pay is still the same / more. hahah =P


  1. Wow so interesting, thought it's very pressure one! Haha if work at school/college area surely see the same students everyday! Haha.

    1. Hahah it really is fun! Only stressful when you spilled something or there's a long line. Haha I wasn't working at college areas though. But I think the people working around that area frequently go to McD

  2. Haha, it is a good experience👍
    Love ur blog^^

  3. Interesting post to read :P never knew people can mix up kfc and mcd, I cannot HAHA

    1. Haha thank you! Omg I know rightttt. I was stunned for like a few seconds. haha. Probably just a slip of a tongue lah. But still it's so memorable. hahah

  4. Mandy, do you have a public instagram/facebook account? :)