Sunday, July 31, 2016

River Quay Dining and Lounge @ The Shore

That other day I dined at River Quay Dining and Lounge. First impression wise, I would think it's more of a place for people to drink, so I don't usually frequent such places to dine at because:

1. I don't drink
2. The food at these kind of places are more often than not, mediocre.

As you probably can tell I went for the food, and yes, it is really good and totally exceeded my expectations!

River Quay is located at The Shore. It's very easily spotted being just at the ground floor. You will see it when you drive pass.

The environment. It is quite dark inside, but I sat near the door so I managed to get some help from sunlight when I took this picture. Overall really spacious, suitable for any type of seating like big/small groups, dates, families, etc.

P.S: Do take note it is a smoking environment. If you're not too keen on the smell of smoke you can opt to sit near the opened doors as the breeze from outside will let you have a rather smoke-free dining experience.

Ok on to the food!

Roasted Tomato Soup with Seafood - RM18.80
Rate: 10/10!

This was BOMB. I highly highly highly recommend this soup! It's so nice and creamy. Really 开胃! Also their garlic bread is definitely top of the lists of all the garlic breads I have tried before. It is crunchy on the sides and soft on the inside. Most of the time they make garlic bread like very stale and hard, but this was perfect!

Seafood Platter - RM48.80
Rate: 7/10

This is for seafood lovers. Especially prawn lovers. Because the amount of prawns in that white bowl over there is just a lot! Best eaten with the sambal served. Personally, I enjoyed the baked mussels the most! It is so good and savoury.

Smoke Duck Pasta - RM28.80
Rate: 8/10

My main was this smoke duck spaghetti. The smoke duck was delicioussss. It tasted somewhat like bacon. Wish I could have had a whole plate of the smoke duck! Pasta was well cooked too.

The Beef Burger - RM28.80
Rate: 7/10

So this beef burger patty is completely homemade and I must say it tastes pretty good. The burger comes with fries and a salad as sides. It is extremely filling though. Because the bun of the burger is rather thick. Kind of like pizza bread kind of thickness. So if you are not much of a big eater like me, I'd recommend you share this with another person.

Crema Cotta - RM10.80
Rate: 9/10

Had a sweet dessert after the meal. This crema cotta is sweet but the sourness of the strawberries balanced it out perfectly. I recommend trying this dessert too! Super nice!

Pineapple & Mint Margerita - RM24
Rate: 8/10

This margerita contains Jose Cuervo (a tequila), pineapple juice and mint leaves. If you're a first-time-margerita-drinker like me, this was pretty mild and quite nice! 

Overall it was good food all around and this has changed my perception of food at such places. haha. I was also told the chef makes everything from scratch. None of that just reheating pre-made food business. Extra points for that!

River Quay Dining and Lounge Promotions

So they currently have this lunch promotion for their River Quay Club Platter and Seafood Platter (which is the one I tried) at 50% off during lunch hours from 12pm to 3pm!

They also have buy 1 free 1 cocktails every day! From Monday to Saturday, this promotion will go on from 12pm to 10pm, while on Sundays, it will be the whole day! Awesome right :D

These promotions will end soon. Do call: 06-2881388 if you have any enquiries.

River Quay is located at the Ground Floor of The Shore. You will pass by it as you drive, so pretty sure you won't miss it.

Hope you guys had a great weekend and have a good month of August ahead ^^

River Quay Dining and Lounge
The Shore River Quay, GF-26,
The Shore Shopping Gallery.
Tel: 06-2881388
Opening Hours: 
Mon - Thurs & Sunday // 12.00pm - 2.00am
Fri & Sat // 12.00pm - 3.00am
Official FB Page: River Quay Dining and Lounge

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