Sunday, July 31, 2016

River Quay Dining and Lounge @ The Shore

That other day I dined at River Quay Dining and Lounge. First impression wise, I would think it's more of a place for people to drink, so I don't usually frequent such places to dine at because:

1. I don't drink
2. The food at these kind of places are more often than not, mediocre.

As you probably can tell I went for the food, and yes, it is really good and totally exceeded my expectations!

River Quay is located at The Shore. It's very easily spotted being just at the ground floor. You will see it when you drive pass.

The environment. It is quite dark inside, but I sat near the door so I managed to get some help from sunlight when I took this picture. Overall really spacious, suitable for any type of seating like big/small groups, dates, families, etc.

P.S: Do take note it is a smoking environment. If you're not too keen on the smell of smoke you can opt to sit near the opened doors as the breeze from outside will let you have a rather smoke-free dining experience.

Ok on to the food!

Roasted Tomato Soup with Seafood - RM18.80
Rate: 10/10!

This was BOMB. I highly highly highly recommend this soup! It's so nice and creamy. Really 开胃! Also their garlic bread is definitely top of the lists of all the garlic breads I have tried before. It is crunchy on the sides and soft on the inside. Most of the time they make garlic bread like very stale and hard, but this was perfect!

Seafood Platter - RM48.80
Rate: 7/10

This is for seafood lovers. Especially prawn lovers. Because the amount of prawns in that white bowl over there is just a lot! Best eaten with the sambal served. Personally, I enjoyed the baked mussels the most! It is so good and savoury.

Smoke Duck Pasta - RM28.80
Rate: 8/10

My main was this smoke duck spaghetti. The smoke duck was delicioussss. It tasted somewhat like bacon. Wish I could have had a whole plate of the smoke duck! Pasta was well cooked too.

The Beef Burger - RM28.80
Rate: 7/10

So this beef burger patty is completely homemade and I must say it tastes pretty good. The burger comes with fries and a salad as sides. It is extremely filling though. Because the bun of the burger is rather thick. Kind of like pizza bread kind of thickness. So if you are not much of a big eater like me, I'd recommend you share this with another person.

Crema Cotta - RM10.80
Rate: 9/10

Had a sweet dessert after the meal. This crema cotta is sweet but the sourness of the strawberries balanced it out perfectly. I recommend trying this dessert too! Super nice!

Pineapple & Mint Margerita - RM24
Rate: 8/10

This margerita contains Jose Cuervo (a tequila), pineapple juice and mint leaves. If you're a first-time-margerita-drinker like me, this was pretty mild and quite nice! 

Overall it was good food all around and this has changed my perception of food at such places. haha. I was also told the chef makes everything from scratch. None of that just reheating pre-made food business. Extra points for that!

River Quay Dining and Lounge Promotions

So they currently have this lunch promotion for their River Quay Club Platter and Seafood Platter (which is the one I tried) at 50% off during lunch hours from 12pm to 3pm!

They also have buy 1 free 1 cocktails every day! From Monday to Saturday, this promotion will go on from 12pm to 10pm, while on Sundays, it will be the whole day! Awesome right :D

These promotions will end soon. Do call: 06-2881388 if you have any enquiries.

River Quay is located at the Ground Floor of The Shore. You will pass by it as you drive, so pretty sure you won't miss it.

Hope you guys had a great weekend and have a good month of August ahead ^^

River Quay Dining and Lounge
The Shore River Quay, GF-26,
The Shore Shopping Gallery.
Tel: 06-2881388
Opening Hours: 
Mon - Thurs & Sunday // 12.00pm - 2.00am
Fri & Sat // 12.00pm - 3.00am
Official FB Page: River Quay Dining and Lounge

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Summer Romper - How to dress down / dress up a romper.

OOTD: Romper from H&M  l  Big floppy hat from Thailand


It's Summer! Well technically it's summer all year round in Malaysia, but it is the summer holidays for quite a number of places, so yes it is summer. 

Rompers are so breezy, lightweight and easy to put on that it's the perfect summer outfit. The pictures above were taken from my Langkawi Trip recently. Just pair it with a big floppy hat, some sunnies, and you're good to go! 

P.S: Don't forget to apply sunblock. We don't want any sunburns happening.


OOTD: Romper from H&M  l  Cardigan from my mum's wardrobe  l  Bag from BKK Original  l  Sandals from Aeon


However, if you're not planning on going to a beach or any summer holidays anytime soon, you can still bust out that romper for shopping or cafe hopping. Just pair it with a cardigan on top so that it looks more dressed up and less casual. It's so effortless yet so well put together, literally can be done within 3 minutes.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

3 reasons to shop at Althea + My recommendations {all under RM60} #altheaturns1

I have exciting news! Pretty sure a lot of you know what Althea is. If you don't, then let me introduce you to a website that will potentially make you want to spend all your $$ at. haha. 

Althea is a website that sells cheaper than market price and authentic Korean Beauty, Cosmetics and Skincare products which ships all the way from Korea! The shipping only takes around a week to arrive annnnd free shipping for purchases RM150 and above!

They turn 1 today! SO FAST. I still remember the day it got introduced and I was so excited about it! Has it really been a year?!

So, as you would expect, they are having their anniversary celebration and goodies for everybody! Let me list down all the good things you can get from them ok.

1. This limited edition Althea birthday box + DIY Party Kit

For orders made within the period 20th -31st July, you will get their limited edition birthday box! They have it in dark, medium and light pink. It has balloons on top and the words "Happy Birthday" on the side! Quick tip: You can reuse this box if you have any presents to wrap for your friends/family members during their birthday ;)

P.S: Free goodies will be given for the first 1500 shoppers, so be quick! :D

You will also get this DIY party hat which you can design to your own liking! The balloon in my first picture is also included in this party kit. So cute hor?? Don't put them aside, you may win prizes because of them which will be explained in my next point *grins*

2. Win Prizes!

Stand a chance to win awesome prizes like Macbook Air, iPhone 6S, Canon EOS M10 Selfie Camera, beauty hampers, and many more! There are prizes worth KRW 10,000,000 to be won! 

To participate: take a picture with your party kit and the limited edition birthday box, post it on Instagram wishing Althea Happy Birthday with the hashtag #altheaturns1

3. 100% Rebate for their Best Sellers!

If you pick 3 of their best sellers, they will rebate the price as credits back into your account. So you can use the credit to buy something else. So technically, the items you get is free lah! More money to buy other things :D

These are my loots! hehe. If you are stuck on what to buy, I have a few recommendations! The products below are things that I have personally tried and love, and they are all under RM60. Links are included, just click on the names of the products and it will direct you to the product on Althea :D

1. April Skin Magic Snow Cushion - RM55
The coverage of this is a-ma-zing!! I dont even need to use concealer when I use this :O Best of all it gives a very dewy finish just like how the Koreans love it! I am using the darkest shade. #23 Natural Beige. Although darkest but it suits me very well! Korean CC Creams generally are very fair, so I always go for the darkest shade. If not later neck and face totally different colour ah! I cannot!

2. Etude House Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam - RM22
By far the BEST cleansing foam I have ever used. Really feel very squeaky clean after washing my face with that. It effectively washes off make up and sun block also!

3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask - RM40
I always rave about this on my Dayre. This mask is God-sent for those that have blackhead problems like me! After using it, no matter how stubborn your black head is, you can squeeze it out very easily, and my skin feels softer too! I use this once a week, and after a month I have less blackheads already :D

4. Mise-en-scene Perfect Repair Serum - RM31
This serum works like a charm! Made my hair very smooth after using it for 2 weeks, and it smells so so good! Like baby powder smell. Most importantly, it doesn't make my hair oily at all!

5. It's My Lip Crayon - RM20
I love this lip crayon! Been using the Shy Candy colour and it's a nice coral matte lipstick. Downside is that it's transferable and you have to reapply after eating la, but the colour payoff is really really nice!

Happy shopping and don't forget to wish them happy birthday on Instagram to stand a chance to win those prizes that I have mentioned!

If any of you have any favourite products, be it makeup or skin care, do let me know too so that I can shop for my next haul =P

Last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALTHEA! May you bring in more and more awesome products and keep going strong! :D

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Monday, July 11, 2016

Top 6 things that I found surprising when working at Mc Donald's / My experience working at Mc Donald's

Somewhere in between my study week I came across this online post  of a Mc Donald's job advertisement to be a casual crew / kru raya during the Raya Holidays. It looked like good money to me, and I had nothing to do during the holidays anyway, so I decided to apply for it.

They hired me 2 hours after my application even though I have zero working experience in the F&B line. Super fast I know. haha.

My pay was RM8 per hour (salary depends on the area and branch you are working at) and had to work 8 hours a day. Honestly have never been paid so high before for a part time job, and getting to know the behind the scenes of my frequent visited fast food outlet is pretty exciting!

Work outfit comprises of any white tee, black pants, black shoes, and of course, the Mc Donald's cap (In case you're wondering, we didn't get to keep it).

On my first day, I was first placed as a runner.

A runner is someone who gets the food packed for the customers. Means we deliver the food from the kitchen to the counter. It gets pretty hectic especially during peak hours. There are screens for us to look at the orders and we have to know which counter to deliver it to and whether they are dining here or taking away. Also we have to be quick because they do count the time that the customers have to wait before their orders are delivered. Obviously I much prefer when customers are having their meals here because it saves the hassle of packing the items.

Then I got placed at the counter

Which is the person that takes the orders. I have to know where the products are at on the screen, and also make sure I count the money correctly. Hardest part was clicking the wrong item/customers wanting to change their order more than 3 times, which then the manager has to come and void the order. Orders over RM100 also have to gain managers approval (they have to swipe their cards and key in a password) before it can be done. 

After working there for 8 days, here are the Top 6 things that surprised me when working at Mc Donald's:

1. After dinner hours are the real peak hours

Seriously. People line up to the door even though all 3 counters are opened after 9pm. And it gets worse and worse closer to midnight. The amount of people is seriously so surprising to me, considering that the branch I worked at wasn't even located in town. And you would think that they are all just here for some light supper / desserts. But NO. People still order full meals at 11.30pm, and I'm just like....really people. I'm not sure whether this only happens during school holidays but I honestly thought that the peak hours will just be during lunch and dinner time.

2. The amount of people that want "Pepsi" as their drink.

Since when has Mc Donald's ever had Pepsi!? To my knowledge, I have never seen Mc Donald's served Pepsi before, it has always been Coke (and other drinks la, but this is the main one). Around 5 out of 10 customers will request for Pepsi, and I will always have to tell them we do not have that. To which then I have to list out alllllll the types of drinks that we have, and then 98% of them will choose Coke. =.=

3. The Sundae Cone is actually quite hard to make.

You know the RM1 cones that many people love. It looks so simple to make, but yet it took me at least 10 times before actually successfully making one. And don't get me started about the Choco top. We had to dip the sundae cones upside down into the chocolate fudge. Yes. Upside down. So sometimes, if we didn't do the sundae cone properly, the whole blob of ice cream will fall into the chocolate fudge, and we have to faster scoop it out before it hardens. Appreciate your ice creams people. It's cheap but it ain't easy. 

4. Mc Donald's has Mushroom soup!

When I saw I was like whaaaaaaatttt. Since when!? Since 2 years ago apparently. Not their most popular item, it only gets ordered once in a blue moon, but yes it's on the menu. Don't ask me how it tastes, I didn't try it.

5. The amount of people that order the McD Fried Chicken (a.k.a Ayam Goreng McD)

I never ever thought of going to Mc Donald's to order their fried chicken. Because they are mainly known for their burgers right? But seriously SO MANY customers order them. So out of curiosity, I tried it once during my 8 days there. Erm, not my cup of tea, but it is a favourite of many customers apparently.

6. The staffs are very efficient

There is no such thing as 'nothing to do' during times where there are no customers. There is always something to stock up / refill / wipe / throw...etc. This is especially when times are busy, and even when you finally get a 5 mins breather, you still have to be doing something. Like for instance I keep having to refill the chili sauce packets and wipe the trays when I was working at the counter, if not, when things get busy, I won't get a chance to do so, and it is stressful when things run out and there is a long line of customers waiting. Even when they are not responsible for that certain part, but they always help each other out. Like when I'm taking orders, the person from the other counter who is free will help me restock my things. They have excellent teamwork I must say.

So anyway, I have also compiled some Q&As that I feel covers the basics for those who are interested to work at Mc Donald's. (Please note that I have only worked there for 8 days, so everything that I have mentioned will be based on my experience in this short time)

(i) Is it fun working at Mc Donald's?
Yes it is (for short term lah at least, I'm not sure about long term). It is tiring also la, but to be honest it's the most fulfilling casual part time job I've ever had thus far. You know people always think it's the best if you have nothing to do at work, but seriously, it gets verrryyyy boringggg. Mc Donald's is fun! You're working as a team to get the job done and time passes very fast :D

(ii) Do they provide free meals for workers at Mc Donald's?
Yes they do. We get to choose anything from the menu (except the doubles I think. Like Double Samurai Jr.) + Fries / Ice Cream / Pie + a Drink. I always drink plain water only though. Because I don't want to drink sugared drinks for 8 days. My favourites are the Samurai Jr, Spicy Chicken Deluxe and the Grilled Chicken Burger (GCB)

(iii) How long is the break time?
Half an hour. Which is just enough time to eat and go to the washroom. Then we're back to work again. 

(iv) Do they provide EPF?
Yes they do. Even for temporary part time workers like us :D By the way, they pay us in cash.

(v) Are the managers and other staffs at Mc Donald's friendly?
Extremely. I am lucky to meet managers and the other crews that are super nice, helpful and friendly. They are very understanding, and were very nice to all of us. I actually spilled my drink. Twice. Super clumsy I know. Not only did they not scold me, but they very strongly insist that I go get another one. They didn't even said things like "Faster wipe it up!" or anything along those lines, their priority was making sure that I got another drink.

(vi) Any interesting customer stories?

"Hi can I have a Zinger burger?" 
"Er... Zinger burgers are from KFC."

"Can I have a Mc Chicken without the burger patty?" 
"So you just want the buns, lettuce, and mayo?" 
"O...kay, that will be RM10.05  sir  (no price reduction even though you don't want the patty)."

*Sees the same customer coming in every day.* 
(This cannot be healthy. Don't get me wrong, I love Mc Donald's, but no matter what, fast food will be fast food and I try to only consume it less than 3 times a month.)

*Sees the same customer coming in once in the morning, again in the afternoon, and then again at night* 
(I pray for your body my dear customer.)

Final question,

Will I ever consider doing it again?
Yes. I will definitely consider going back next year if circumstances allows me to do so :) and and...if their pay is still the same / more. hahah =P