Sunday, April 24, 2016

MediHeal Mask : LINE friends edition & more

Mask time again! Still trying to keep my "One Mask a Week" routine going on. So far so good. haha

I got introduced to these masks from MediHeal. MediHeal actually is short term for Medical Healing, and MediHeal masks focuses on the different skin types with different needs.

Aren't their packaging so cute though?! The LINE Friends ones I mean. The other 2 looks very clinc-ish, like some very professional doctor's prescribed masks like that. Except with 2 famous celebrities on the cover, which is Fei from Miss A, and Hyun Bin, the very famous and handsome actor!!

I tried out the Cony mask first! 

I inserted the name price and function of the mask in the pictures so you guys can see :D

Look at how the mask looks like!! How cuteee!! There's a mini Cony on the mask sheet!

And it's on my cheek when I put the mask on! haha this is too adorable! Which means the other LINE character masks will have characters on the masks that is displayed on the packaging as well!

Another one I tried is this charcoal one that is endorsed by Fei. 

The whole thing is totally black and very glossy and shiny!


After using the masks, the thing that I really like is how cooling they are. Even though I only kept them in room temperature conditions only but they are really cold when you put them on your face! There is a lot of essence in the packaging though, so I took the extra essence and applied them on my neck, as usual. Didn't feel much difference after, probably needs constant usage of the masks for the full effects to take place. My skin did feel really cool afterwards, which is very nice. The mask amazingly stayed cool for the whole 15-20 minutes on my face. 

Below are the other masks that I was given:

If you are interested to try these MediHeal masks, you can get them from the Maystar website. You can use the code "mandy" at the checkout for 20% off :D Great deal hor. They have all sorts of masks and beauty products and all are imported from Korea. Can go browse see if you have anything that interests you! :D

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  1. Love this amazing blog, great post too, truly very inspiring, thank you for sharing, you look very pretty!!!


  2. Such cute packaging! and I love your hair girl :)

  3. Very good review! I really want to publish on the Facebook Page!
    We are selling various kinds of Korean mask sheets! Anyway, thanks to your review!