Sunday, April 17, 2016

Dyeing my hair for the first time - Balayage highlights @ Number76 Mid Valley

Dyeing my hair has never been something I wanted to do since I was born with brown hair and I really like my original hair colour. But when Number76 contacted me, I thought about it for monthsss before taking the plunge. 有些事现在不做,以后可能就没有机会了right? 

Originally I only wanted highlights, because I didn't want to dye my whole head (of hair) and only wanted to test the waters since it's my first time. But then Terry introduced me to the Balayage highlighting technique. 

It was highlights but a more unique way instead. I trusted him and went ahead with it! Initially I wanted pink, but bleach is required for that, so I went for red violet instead :)

  1. Dyeing hair in progress. Terry said this effect is like painting on hair. haha
  2. Waiting for the colour to set. Not gonna lie, the chemicals were quite stinging to my eyes, but it was bearable.
  3. After washing, I did their new add-on Revolutionary Micro Mist Treatment
  4. Look at all the mist! It's really cooling by the way, and made my hair very smooth!

Tadaaa! The end results! It turned out more red wine colour because my hair was light to begin with. I really really like it! Look at that ombre effect! This colour is not that obvious with normal indoor lighting, but when outdoors.....

It looks like this! Very red and bright!

This is how my hair looks like right now after a week and 5 washes later.

The colour has faded off a bit. This was taken during evening time when the sun was setting. Below were pictures taken in the morning :D

As you can tell, it's more purplish now than red, which I love even more! Purple is my favourite colour! haha. According to Terry, this colour will last about 2 weeks, and will fade into some copper-ish colour. Fingers crossed for a nice fade out colour! haha.

OOTD: White top from Honeymoon (DP)  l  Denim shorts from H&M  l  Owl Necklace from Vintage Style (DP)  l  Bag from BKK Original  l  Shoes from Skechers  l  Sunglasses from DP

How I take care of my dyed hair / Tips :

  1. Use coloured shampoo. I'm using Bothea's Botanic Therapy colour shampoo, which my mum got it awhile ago.
  2. Since the ends of my hair is pretty dry due to perming and dyeing, I got this Olive Hair Serum by Naturals from Watson. Haven't start to use yet, but hope it's good!
  3. Use dark coloured towels because the colour is gonna come off during washes. For mine, the water was all pink, even till now (it has been 1 week)
  4. Don't wear light coloured clothing / Lie on your bed when your hair is wet. If not, it'll stain.

Overall I am very satisfied with how everything turned out. Huge thanks to Number76, especially Terry for making this magic happen! Number76 is actually having A LOT of promotions going on this month, do follow their Instagram to check out all the promotions!

Number 76 Mid Valley branch

Telephone number: +603 2287 0661 / 0662
Address: A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara 59200 Kuala Lumpur



  1. Love your new hair color! The color really stays and you definitely look good on it! <3 <3

  2. Love the hair color dear! Looks really good on you

  3. Love the hair color dear! Looks really good on you