Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Pros & Cons of staying in a dorm in University

Currently in my 2nd Year, 2nd semester in Uni now and I've been living in a dorm since day 1. Thought I'd pen down a few pros and cons about living in a dorm in Uni.

Now I know most Unis have very different dorm lifestyles. Heck even in my own Uni, not every dorm (or Residential Colleges as we call it) are the same. This is just based on my own experience and honest opinions.


1. Cheap

Which is probably one of the reasons why people choose to stay in dorms anyway. In my Uni, we go on a rate of RM6.50 a day. Our fees for the whole semester (which means about 4 months, plus minus the semester breaks) is only up till RM800+. That's super affordable to me.

2. Location

In my Uni, most of our dorms are situated in campus, with the exception of one outside. So it's fairly easy to go to classes and anywhere in campus without owning your own means of transport. If your dorm is near your faculty, lucky you, you can walk to faculty easily. There's also the option of buses if you need to go to a further place. Still closer than living outside.

3. Cleanliness

Our dorms' hallways are regularly swept and mopped. Toilets are washed frequently too. It's nice to know that the only place you need to keep clean is your own room.


1. Theft

By this I mean because my dorm has an open area for all the residents to hang our clothes at after washing, it is possible for people to steal your clothes. Happened to me twice. So far I've had 2 shirts stolen and 3 pants, which irritates me to no end. Still don't get why people will steal clothes anyway. Don't think they'd be daring enough to wear it out? I'd recognize mine immediately. 

2. Roommate issues

Living with other people is not easy because of different habits and schedules. So far I am lucky enough to not have faced any horrible issues regarding my roommates before. We live pretty peacefully. haha. Not many are this lucky though. I've heard of many horror stories of people living with very difficult roommates. But you can't do anything about it, gotta stick with them for a whole year / semester.

3. Lack of Personal Space

Don't get me wrong, I like having roommates, simply because it's less lonely and more fun. But I think everyone would like their own personal space sometimes and it's hard to get that when living together in a dorm. Sometimes I just wanna be alone, or sometimes I wish I can answer more private calls in the comfort of my own bed instead of finding some other places to take my call outside of the room. You know what I mean?

These are the things that I could think of at the moment. So far living in dorms is cool. I haven't (read: hopefully will not) face any major issues thus far.

Meanwhile Mid Terms are coming and I am so not prepared. Till next time!

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