Saturday, March 19, 2016

Heat wave @ Melaka's Desert

The heat wave now in Malaysia is seriously no joke. The weather for this past week is such a killer (may it please not literally be one), and it seems like it's here to stay for a month or so.

Of course this is the craziest time to visit a desert, but I did it anyway. If you're wondering, yes, Melaka now has its own desert (read: sand dunes). It feels so real! I may not have been to the Sahara Desert before, but I assume this is a pretty close 'replica' of it.

Mind you, it wasn't easy getting here. We parked quite a distance away as cars are not allowed to enter this area (the car will sink into the sand). This desert is located further inside the 1 Malaysia Klebang Beach, think we approximately walked about 2km at least to get to this area.

Not too sure if there are other shorter ways, but it was a good exercise nonetheless.

But can we just admire the view!? Totally worth it!  There's this thing about pairing blue and white which can never go wrong. It is really really beautiful.

*Inserts Spritzer advertisement* lol. My mum just thought a bottle of water would be a good prop for the shoot (it was). Also, it's good to have water after walking such a distance (such a handy prop). Killing two birds with one stone here Spritzer.

Some advice:

  1. Be prepared to walk. But the road to the sand dunes are quite smooth. As in, you don't have to climb over rocks or hills.
  2. Go either early in the morning or evening. We were there from around 8am-9am, the sun was out but it wasn't scorching at all. Afternoon sun may kill you though.
  3. Bring some water. You'll need it.
  4. Wear sunglasses. You will barely be able to open your eyes if you go in the morning. Also, the wind is super strong there, however the sand won't fly into your eyes, so no worries about that. It's just you'll find it hard to keep them open with the sun and wind.

OOTD: Baby blue flowy off shoulder top from Sheton (Dataran Pahlawan)  l  High waisted denim shorts l  White sneakers from Sports Empire (Mahkota Parade)

Stay cool and stay hydrated everyone! Let's all be extra thankful for air-conditioners, cool water, and rain during this heat wave.

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  1. Never knew this place existed. Thanks for the recommendation! Loving your blog so far!

    XX, Elizabeth