Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Fat Bee @ Melaka

I've been to The Fat Bee. Yes, the name is legit. No, I do not know why they named it so. 

Honestly I have been to numerous cafes, but not one has given me the urge to wanna revisit or feel like I want to strongly recommend to others. Not until I came to this place.

A few reasons why I strongly recommend The Fat Bee.

Reason #1: The environment.

Picture credits: @jasmine.chin
(Due to sheer excitement, I have forgotten to take a picture of this area which I sat at. Thank you Jasmine for allowing me to use your beautiful pic!) 

Can we all just stop and admire how gorgeous this cafe is?! 

The glass house concept of this cafe just makes it stand out from the typical cafe environment. 

It feels like you're on a vacation at a summer house somewhere overseas. +1 point

Also, the music that they play there is like some French music. Very soothing and relaxing. +1 point

And because it is somewhat a glasshouse, it has great lighting for photos (let's not pretend this is not something that we all prioritize whenever we go to cafes). +10 points

#Reason 2: The Food

We all know that most cafes are somewhat mediocre when it comes to food, so I didn't have much expectations for the food here. is quite good!

We had Pizza and Pasta!

Soft Shell Crabs and Leek Pasta - RM23
Rate: 9/10

This pasta is so yummy! Very highly recommend this dish! Especially if you love or have never tried soft shell crabs. The flavour is amazing and honestly hoped that we ordered another one of this. 

Duck and Apple Pizza - RM25
Rate: 6.5/10

Couldn't taste the apple but there definitely was duck in the pizza. This was okay-ish. But props to them for the thin crust! I always prefer pizzas with thin crust. 

If you're familiar with a cafe called Backlane Coffee (situated at Jonker Walk), this is their other branch, so they have desserts too! 

Personally I do not really recommend their drinks. We had their Iced Latte and The Fat Bee's Favourite Pressed Juice. The juice was too sour and the latte was average. Both priced at slightly above RM10. 

And I was slightly put off by them charging RM1.50 for a cup of water (it wasn't really a big cup too). Guess I'm just used to most cafes serving water for free. 

But putting that aside, it is a very relaxing and nice place to chill with your friends and loved ones, or even if you're alone (just bring a book or a laptop!). The interior design of the place wins it all. I mean, just look at that vintage wall!

Plus points to them for having plenty of seating options. You can come in a big group, small group or even alone. They cater for everyone!

Also, don't worry if you won't be able to dine if you choose to sit at their comfortable couches. They use a higher table rather than a normal coffee table. Very very wise choice. +20 points.

OOTD: Grey bodycon dress from H&M  l  Watch from Polo  l  Shoes from Skechers

Would definitely want to go back there again. I'm pretty sure it'd be gorgeous during night time too! But if it's your first time there, I would suggest you to go during day time. Just to see the gorgeousness of it all, and take many pretty pictures. 

P.S: We went there at 12.30pm on a weekend and were their first customers! Plenty photo taking opportunities.

P.P.S: It will be just slightly hot during the afternoon, but you can change your seating to a shaded area or just ask them to lower the air condition temperature :D

The Fat Bee
The Jetty, No 12A,
Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz,
Melaka, Malaysia.
(It is located near the Jetty, beside Holiday Inn)
Operating hours:
Mon-Thu & Sun - 11.00am-1.00am
Fri & Sat - 11.00am-2.00am
Official Facebook Page

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