Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Palsaik Korean BBQ @ Melaka

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Was searching for a new Korean restaurant to go to for my mum's birthday and chanced upon Palsaik Korean BBQ! Their 8 flavoured meat concept attracted us, so we went there to try it out :D

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This is the interior. Quite classy and elegant for a Korean BBQ restaurant. 

Before our food came, they served us 1 plate of cucumbers and salad each as appetizers.

And then these are the meat! We ordered their 8 colour set (RM128), which is 8 different flavoured Samgyeopsal (pork belly).

These are the flavours of all 8 of them. My personal favourites were the wine and hot pepper (which was not hot at all) ones!

They also serve loads of greens for us to wrap the samgyeopsal in. All these are refillable, just like any other Korean restaurant.

The staff will help you to grill the meat nicely, so no worries about over/under cooking it. They did the first 4 flavours first, and when we finished them, only they started to cook the other 4 flavoured ones. The vegetable at the sides is their kimchi! It tastes really good and it's also refillable.

This set also comes with one pot seafood soup. It was nice, not too spicy, but there wasn't a lot of actual seafood inside.

Personally will recommend this set for maximum 4 pax only, because even though there are 8 types of meat but the meat is not a lot. 5 of us had this set and it wasn't that filling enough, so we ordered 2 servings of their cheese bakes rice.

Basically, after you left 1/4 of your seafood soup, they will use the remaining soup for you to cook the rice. They just fried the rice in the soup and add cheese and seaweed on top. One serving is only one bowl of rice, so we had 2.

This was very expensive for what its worth honestly. RM18 for one serving! Which all they did was add rice and cheese into the soup. But it is SO GOOD though! Told my mum we should try this at home. Just make kimchi fried rice and add cheese on top. Yums~

Overall rating for this restaurant will be 8/10! Love their concept and the meat they served was good. Also the staff there were really attentive. Just not a fan of the price of their cheese fried rice and also the space in the restaurant. It's a bit too packed for my liking. My advice is to go earlier, maybe around 6.30pm to avoid the crowd and queue.

Happy Chinese New Year in advance everyone! 
Eat more and drink more (packet drinks I mean) :D

Palsaik Korean BBQ Restaurant 
No. 58 & 60, Taman Melaka Raya, Jalan Melaka Raya 23 
(Location: here)
Official Facebook Page

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