Sunday, January 17, 2016

Digital Perm @ Number76 Mid Valley (Giving away 25% Promo Code!)

Chinese New Year is less than 1 month away, and besides buying new clothes, I have been wanting to perm my hair for quite a long time now!

Actually I just did Korean Soft Perm last August at a hair saloon in DP. It sadly only lasted for 1 month despite me constantly using those kind of aunty curlers to curl my hair every night and applying mousse.

And then my hair became like this T_T which is super ugly. It's so lifeless. Not curly but not straight.

So I visited Number76 at their Mid Valley Branch to do Digital Perm.

Before starting any work, I had a short consultation with the hairstylist. The thing about Number76 hairstylists is that they are extremely professional and knowledgeable, so they will know the best for your hair.

Emily told me that since my hair is mid-length, she won't do it super curly for me as that may look too old and mature for my age. I initially wanted to cut my fringe shorter but she told me to take a look at the end result first before deciding as she felt that long fringe would suit my hairstyle best. 

I also told her that I actually permed my hair not too long ago so I was worried that perming it again so soon might cause quite some damage, so she added more CMC boosters (which is a treatment booster, read more about it here) for me :D

So first I did requested for a trim, just to snip away those spoiled ends of my hair, and then they gave me a light wash.

Then they started the process, and they applied various products on my hair that has their own purpose:
  1. Open hair cuticles
  2. Apply Lotion
  3. Close back the hair cuticles
  4. Apply moisturizer
  5. Repair
They use this cling wrap to secure in the treatment, which I thought was pretty interesting. Never seen any saloons use it before.

And then the perming process begins! Those white things on my head are sponges that protects my head from the heat.

Number76 service is really top notch! All their stylists there are so attentive to customers, even though they are not the ones serving them! One of the stylists who wasn't serving me, and the stylist that actually serve me came over to check up on me every now and then to see if the curlers were too hot, and to make sure that I am okay. *thank you*

After 20 minutes of heat, they applied a product that will fix the curls, which then I had to wait around 10-15 minutes.

So since the whole process took around 3 hours, I took the opportunity to ask some hair related questions, and I learned sooo much from them.

    - To do very light or crazy colours. Only lasts a week.
    - Once you bleach, you cannot do any perming/rebonding because it will damage your hair! Have to wait till your hair grow and cut off all those bleached parts only can do.
    - After perm, can't do any bleaching (unless you want your hair to be very damaged). Only can dye.
    - Apparently there are people who can't perm due to their hair texture. Like the stylist above, she told me she tried twice and it didn't work out. Her hair was still straight as ever!
    - Very very damaging to the hair. More damaging than bleach! Usually they will only recommend this for people who really don't have time to do their hair.
    - Apparently after rebonding, you really can't do anything else except dye! Can't bleach, can't perm (because it will not be curly), can't cut those lob hairstyles because it will just be flat and straight. Again have to wait until your hair grows and cut off all the rebonding parts only can do anything else again.

I never knew all these until they told me!! Especially for rebonding. Really never knew it was that damaging. And no wonder all those bloggers that have unique hair colours all have their hair in the natural state, as in no perm or rebond.

Okay back to perming...ta-da! The final results!

Mad love omg!! The treatment also made my hair look shinier and healthier!

P.S: Did not dye my hair. The lighting made it looked like I did.

Before and after comparison <3

A lot of people think that the after care for perming is very ma fan but it really isn't! Just have to apply mousse or curling cream every night after you shower, and you will be able to wake up to very nice curls. Don't need to comb hair also can go out de!

So for those that want to have leng hair for CNY, faster go book your appointment! Last time I heard they were 75% booked already! Now probably 80% already lol. Last time I went, I did their Ultrasonic Iron Treatment, you can read about it here.

UPDATE 11/2/2016:

Number76 is now giving 25% discount to new members! Just flash this picture below when you visit them :D If you go for a service together with a current member, he/she will get 25% discount too! How awesome is that?! 

Only valid till 29th February. So hurry and make your bookings :D

Number 76 Mid Valley branch

Telephone number: +603 2287 0661 / 0662
Address: A-G-2, Ground Floor, North Point, Mid Valley City, No.1 Medan Syed Putra Utara 59200 Kuala Lumpur



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  2. Hi! I was wondering how much did digital perming cost you? And approx. how long was the whole process?

    1. Hello :) my digital perm was actually kindly sponsored by number76, but you can check out their website for details here:

      It will be more accurate if you go to the saloon to get a consultation from the stylists there though. It's free :D and they're really nice!