Monday, August 31, 2015

A pop of colour

Outfit: Striped top with tassels from Vintage Style (DP)  l  Leather leggings from Honeymoon (DP)  l  Sandals from Vincci  l  Hat from Thailand  l  BKK Original bag from Thailand (Asiatique)

Taking a  break from my Thailand trip posts (you can read them here) to blog about this outfit I wore the other day.

Very much in love with my BKK Original Bag that I got from their official store at Asiatique, Bangkok! It's so bright and vibrant, and it really gives a pop of colour to my monochrome outfit :D The size of the bag really helps you to cut down on excess things, so usually I only have my phone, wallet, tissue and a lipstick inside.

Tassels are quite popular lately, but I couldn't find any t-shirts or singlets with tassels that suit me, so I'm glad I found this striped top instead. And as a flats over heels kind of girl, I am sooooo happy that Vincci has been producing a lot of very nice flats lately. Very practical for everyday wear and fashionable at the same time ;)

That's all for now. Happy Merdeka everyone! Have a great day and let's continue to fight #forabettermalaysia :)

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Friday, August 21, 2015

Thailand trip: Santorini Park

Continuing about my Thailand Trip with another place that we visited, Santorini Park.

Honestly, I felt that this was quite a let down. When they mentioned "Santorini Park", I imagined it to be a replica of the real deal. I thought it would be something like...



Or this.

But instead, it was just a theme park with white walls and splashes of blue here and there. 70% of the rides and attractions were unopened, and the ones that are open are mostly for kids aged 12 and below. Most of the staircases there also lead to nowhere, so there's no point in climbing them. And for this, they called it "Santorini Park".  There wasn't even like a miniature sculpture of the real deal. Oh and the signature blue half dome shaped roofs of the actual Santorini was also not in sight. 

Their saving point was that there were many quirky murals and interactive wall designs at every corner. So everywhere was quite photo-worthy.

I especially love this piece of art. So vibrant and colourful!

Spot the flying cats!

A cafe that wasn't open, but still nice to take picture outside.

OOTD: Striped bustier from F Block  l  Geometric skorts from Honeymoon  l  Sandals from Vincci  l  Hat from Thailand  l  Choker (birthday present)  l  Backpack from Jonker Walk

The park is not really huge, they have a lot of retail shops. The prices of the non-branded stores are quite reasonable, and their quality is good. So I recommend you visit their stores there.

To kill more time, I also recommend their 3D art museum. It's fantastic and very entertaining! The entrance ticket does not include any rides or attractions, so you have to pay for them separately. They do have packages, but since we only wanted to see this attraction only, so we paid 240 baht per person to enter.

Getting a painting of myself.

Receiving a flower garland.

Being ultra mischievous.

Very aware that my thighs look huge here. Note to girls: go for the smaller end.

Look ma! I can do splits!

Galloping away from this park.

There are more to the 3D art museum of course, but I just chose a few to publish or else this post would be too long. It is worth the price, and since there's not much to do anyways, might as well go for it.

At the end of the day, I guess I had my expectations up too high. It is quite a pretty place for photos. Just don't expect it to be even a fraction close to the actual Santorini in Greece.

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