Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Thailand Trip: Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market

This will be a blog post entry of a very scared girl, on a boat, at the oldest Floating Market in Thailand.

Throughout my whole trip in Thailand, this was the most interesting / scary experience of all. We got to the oldest floating market in Thailand and its the Dumnoen Saduak Floating Market.

It was really jam packed with tourists and it really looked like the floating markets they showed on TV. A pasar malam on a river. They have 2 types of boats to offer, the newer and bigger ones which had motors and a shade to cover. Naturally this is the more stable one. Then there were the traditional ones where they will row the boat with sticks and there's no roof, and this was generally not so stable.

We got the traditional boat. Lucky us. =.=

So at the dock where we started the journey, the boats were really side by side and rubbing edges at each other so you cannot put your fingers at the sides of the boat and you cannot stick your hands out.

It was kind of like a 2 way street turned into a 4 way street (or river in this case). The boats were not going in the same direction either. It was really quite chaotic. Then whenever another boat knocks us, our boat will shake, so it was very scary la!

They had vendors on boats and also vendors by the side of the rivers. So if you're interested in something, they will stop the boat for you to take a look or buy the stuff. They sell everything from clothes to food.

But I do not recommend to buy any food from there though, because the place is very dirty. There were a lot of flies everywhere and I even saw a lady vendor washing her hands with the extremely dirty river water, then continue to handle the food that she was going to sell. Super unhygienic! My sis and I bought a coconut to share, but after 5 sips, it was gone =.= Felt like we got cheated.

Anyway, we were too stressed trying not to fall out of the boat to really shop there. There was one point when the river was not crowded and then I realized I preferred when there were boats beside us. The risk of falling over is smaller. 

You just have to really watch out for the boats and do your best to balance it out. There are no life jackets for the traditional boats by the way.

Oh yes, I bought a hat! Not from the floating market, but from a stall outside of that area. Haha. The hats there are cheaper than anywhere else, especially if you buy more. Got this hat for 150 baht :D

Super relieved after the boat ride! It was a good experience, just not sure if I would want to repeat it ever again. lol.

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