Friday, July 24, 2015

Thailand Trip: Chocolate Ville, Bangkok

This was my first and also the best stop in Thailand. I highly highly recommend this place for anyone that is going to Bangkok. It's called Chocolate Ville, but no, it doesn't sell chocolates. It's actually a restaurant serving western food with a Cowboy town theme going on. It is most definitely the largest and most gorgeous restaurant I've EVER been to!

The food was great! I don't know the prices individually though because we joined a tour so they already had everything pre-booked for us. The German pork knuckles were amazing and their Tom Yam soup is the bomb! Also, somehow, pineapples from Thailand are really really sweet, so eat ALL the pineapples whenever you can get your hands on them.

You will have to make reservations before going there as they are very very packed with people. I recommend going there early, like maybe have your dinner at 5pm, and then you can go around and start taking photos at 6pm so that it won't be too dark.

For seating options, they have indoors and outdoors. We had our meal indoors, and this is what it looks like outdoors.

Okay, tons of pictures up ahead: 

As you can see, every single corner is very picture-worthy. It's just so pretty and romantic. You will probably need at least an hour to look at every single corner.

Like I said, it's really packed with people, locals and tourists alike. So, have to accept that not all your photos can be tourist free la. lol. Like this one. No idea who that girl is but we took a picture together at this gas station anyway. haha

Love how blue the sky is too! Just makes the scenery more beautiful :')

There is a lighthouse where you can climb up and get an eagle's eye view on the whole place. A bit of warning: The steps are really narrow, so it will be hard when there's 2 people walking on the staircase in different directions. The wind is very strong too, so uh, if you plan to wear a short skirt or dress, hold onto it. Lol.

The view is amazing though. These photos just don't do the place justice. You really have to see it for yourself.

Will most definitely visit there again if I have the chance! If any of you ever go to Bangkok, do visit this magical place. I'm sure you won't regret it!

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  1. omg!! Why you look so skinny in all these photos >0< Must get a bit flesh only looks nicer ler~~
    Btw all the photos are so nice hehe!


    1. Haha ya lor. I also bu xiang de~ Ever since go uni then lost weight liao >< haha yaya it's a nice place ^^

  2. this place looks amazing!
    hahah i bet its photoshooot worthy too!
    definitely, putting on bucketlist of places to visit!
    thanks for sharing! :D

    everything magical