Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Paddles and Beans Cafe @ Melaka

It has been awhile since I have blogged (or went) to a cafe. There has been SO MANY cafes in Melaka recently that it's pretty hard to decide which one to try out.

Since I have heard some good reviews about Paddles and Beans (beside Swan Hotel), I suggested to the girls that we should go there for our gathering.

This is part of the interior of the cafe. I like how they contrast their white walls with bright paintings. There is a Marilyn Monroe picture on another wall, but since there were customers sitting there, I thought it would be a bit rude to take a picture. Don't wanna invade people's privacy. haha.

Credits: Shu Sin
Green Tea Latte  //  RM9.90

This was the only drink that was ordered, the rest of us drank plain water/had apple tea that comes in the set. Ee Ching had this, and according to her, too much milk and not much of the green tea taste.

Credits: Shu Pey
Black Pepper Grill Sandwich  //  RM16.90  (set lunch, inclusive of Iced Apple Tea)

This was ordered by Yee Nah. The portion is quite big. They have set lunches and this was one of the items on the menu.

Laksa Nyonya  //  RM13.90  (set lunch, inclusive of Iced Apple Tea)

Was quite surprised that they had local food there. They actually had laksa and nasi lemak! This was ordered by Michel, who is now sick of Western food because she's studying in England. hahah. 

Mushroom Pomodoro (tomato-based)  //  RM15.90  // rate: 7/10

Ee Ching and Shu Pey ordered this, and I tasted some (hence, the rating). Quite similar to bolognese because it's tomato based. It also kind of tasted like the Prego sauce that can be bought from supermarkets.

Carbonara with grilled chicken  //  RM15.90  //  Rating: 6.5/10

My order! Usually I will refrain from ever eating Carbonara because the creamy and milky flavour can be very jelak. But since I was told that this was good, I decided to risk it, and surprisingly, it wasn't jelak at all and the texture was good! However, I was quite disappointed with the grilled chicken because it didn't have much flavour. Lacks some seasoning probably.

Credits: Shu Sin
Cookies and Cream with Vanilla Ice Cream  //  RM14.90  //  Rating: 7/10
Banana and Chocolate Fudge with Vanilla Ice Cream //  Rm14.90  //  Rating: 7.5/10

So Paddles and Beans are well known for their waffles, and because the portion is quite big, so we ordered 2 to share among the 6 of us. Which was more than enough.

Personally, I preferred the Banana and Chocolate one more. It's a combination that's hard to find fault with. For the Cookies and Cream, it was quite okay. Plus points for their cream. I usually (again) do not ever eat cream, but their cream is made of white and dark chocolate, and I really liked it! But can't say the same for most of the girls though. So it really depends on personal preference.

Behind the scenes of the food pictures *inserts laugh cry emoji here*

I've been to a lot of cafes to know not to have too high expectations of their food and drinks, so I would say that this cafe is average. Their service was good though. They provided us with plain water even before we ordered anything and even refill it as well. The waitresses and waiters were also patient and polite.

Am happy to be able to have a gathering with most of us present (only Jenna missing). It's always fun to catch up with these girls. I realized that the bond with friends since Secondary School is so much stronger because of the years that our friendship has been through and we literally watch each other grow up.

Thankful to have met them, and also still keep this long distance friendship going on even after we graduated <3

Paddles and Beans Cafe
No 2, Jalan KSB 1, Taman Kota Syahbandar, Melaka
Rest Day: Tuesday
Other days: 11.30am - 12.00 midnight

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