Monday, July 13, 2015

Jonker Walk Mural by Kiehl's

Baby blue outerwear from Taiwan  l  Denim shorts from Padini  l  White sandals from Barry (Aeon)

It has been a verrry long while since I post an outfit post. It was a Sunday, and it was raining, and there was a pretty wall, and there was also a very enthusiastic photographer (my mum), thus here is the post.

Found out that this mural at Jonker Walk is actually done by the cosmetic brand Kiehl's. Apparently they did this to celebrate our heritages as Malaysians and they engaged Fritilldea, an artist, to draw this mural on one of the walls at Jonker Walk. It is extremely colourful and has a pop art vibe towards it.

Okay, good things must share. So I went to their website to check it out, and they actually had this game called "My Heritage Trail" where you can play games and win yourselves some product samples from Kiehl's. Best is that they'll mail it to you! I won't explain much, but you can read all about it on their website.

If any of you are interested, this mural is located at the small lorong beside the shop Bikini Toppings,which is near by the Orang Utan house. I think with a loud background, it'll be better if the outfit is more toned down so that you won't drown in the background/look too messy. That's why I chose to wear pastel and light colours. Oh! Before I forget, right opposite of this small lorong is a corner lot chinese shop which sells really really good mee suah. I recommend you all to try it!

I'm also going to Thailand soon! Will be back with my travelling posts :D Wishing all Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays!

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  1. soo pretttyyy the mural! perfect for ootd shoots!
    can't believe i missed this part of melaka during my visit!
    which means there's a reason to be back! is this along the river?

    everything magical