Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Airport Fashion #2

 I just got back from my 5 days and 4 nights trip to Thailand with my family (16.7.2015 - 20.7.2015), so of course I am going to blog about it, starting off with what I wore to the airport.

Flower dress and Brown Belt from F Block  l  Black Cardigan from Cotton On  l  Black Wedges from Vincci  l  Black Bag Pack from Jonker Walk

Like I said in my first airport fashion post, I opt for comfortable and practical outfits when it comes to travelling. So I chose a flowy sleeveless dress that's almost knee length, a black cardigan in case it gets cold, and also a comfy pair of wedges.

I also prefer to carry backpacks instead of handbags on trips, simply because:

  • Number 1 - Both my hands are free to hold my phone / water bottle / maps / shopping bags
  • Number 2 - Can store more things
  • Number 3 - The weight of the bag is distributed evenly on both shoulders, so the shoulders won't be sore

Will be documenting the rest of my trip later, and all the posts of my Thailand Trip will be under the label M ♥ Thailand, so if you click on the label, all of the posts will be shown :D

Update soon!

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