Saturday, May 30, 2015

{Review}: LoveNail Design Manicure - Romantic Anniversary

This is for all the girls out there (or guys, if this is your thing. not judging) who are terrible at doing their own nails (like me! Hope I'm not the only one) but yet don't feel like going to a nail parlour to get your nails done. 

I can't paint my nails to save my life. Don't even talk about trying to draw patterns on them. I tried it once and failed miserably. 

I know that nail stickers have been around for quite some time but I just never got around to try one. So thanks to HiShop, I finally get to try the LoveNail Design Manicure in Romantic Anniversary!

Can we just take a moment and admire how pretty the box is? Not to mention that the back of the box opens like a book with instructions. Unfortunately, it's all in Japanese, but the English version is provided on the HiShop website :D

This is what you get in the box. Two strips of nail stickers, a nail file, and a double headed wood stick.

Everything is placed inside zipper bags for hygiene purposes, which is a plus point! 

By the way, the nail stickers are really made out of actual nail polish! Somehow they managed to transform nail polish (Base coat + Colour coat + Top coat) into flexible nail stickers. I was really impressed with the texture! Really have to salute the Japanese for their countless creative inventions. 

Trust me when I say the steps are really easy to follow. If I can do it, anyone can.

My nails are quite tiny actually, so if you are like me, then you can just trim the sides before or after you stick it on your nails. 

Just some gentle reminders:
  • Peel the stickers carefully. You don't want them to get stuck together, which will then be a waste.
  • Follow a sequence, if you start from the thumb, then move on to the index finger, middle finger....until the pinky. If you start from the pinky then move on to the ring finger, middle finger...and so on. This is to prevent accidentally filing off other finger's nail stickers.

Okay, ready to see the outcome?

Tadaa! NAILED IT! *pun intended*

Aren't they so pretty?! Best part is you can tell people you did this yourself! It is partially true what. haha

There are altogether 9 other designs on the Hishop website. Personally, I really like the Sweet Goddess and French Manicure set. They even have Hello Kitty designs and Love Melody designs :D

They also can last up till 2 weeks and are easily removed with nail polish remover.

They are priced at RM49.90 each (except the Hello Kitty and Love Melody ones, those are slightly more expensive). With the Discount Code: MANDY, you can get 15% discount off for any purchase at HiShop! No minimum spending required.

Ok. Going to show off my "DIY" manicures now :D

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