Friday, April 10, 2015

Half way through Sem 2

Mid sem break is here....and I'm still stuck in Uni because I have a KK Project going on this weekend, after that it'll be home sweet home for me!

The first half of semester 2 was quite manageable. Not too busy, but still quite fulfilling. These are the things that happened:

Career Path 2015

Career Path is an annual event in UM and this time the Business Club of University Malaya a.k.a UMBC (that's us!) were organizing it together with HEP.

 I was in the Publicity Department, biggest achievement was learning how to use Photoshop, which was something I wanted to learn for a very long time!! Albeit I'm still learning how to fully make use of the software but now that I have it in my laptop I can practice with it whenever I want!

I was mostly in charge of managing the Official Facebook page of Career Path 2015. Tried my best to be as efficient (live updates!) and as grammatically correct as possible, when updating about our event through the page. haha

Also became an usher for the first time during one of our Career Talks. Which ended up the speaker being super casual and fun, so he requested us to not be so formal, and we didn't have to escort him (and his team) out when they finished the talk. (Yay! *kicks off those painful formal shoes*)

All in all, I learned a lot throughout this whole event, and am glad to have had this opportunity :D

Parcel shipping

Just figured out the wonders of shipping my parcels to my residential college. It is SO convenient because there will always be someone there to take them for you (thanks to all the awesome staff in the office!). Don't need to worry about missing you parcels and having to go get them yourselves.

Some of them are things that I bought, some are stuff that I won from giveaways and some are sponsored items.

Broken Items

How many umbrellas must one go through during one's University lifespan =_=

I somehow misplaced my UM umbrella, the green one from F.O.S decided to not to shut itself anymore so it's very inconvenient for me to put it in my bag, and the pink one from 7-11 have also decided to break down on me.

I give up.

My purple furry pencil box from Daiso broke too T_____T But this was totally my fault la, it got stuck between the chairs in one of the lecture halls and I yanked it too hard so the zipper broke. *cries* Need to go back to Daiso and find a nice new pencil box. Hoping there's no GST implementation on Daiso items ==

Leisure time

In between events, projects, assignments, and tests, I had my fair bit of play time. Sort of. Heh.

Went to watch the Basketball match during the Law-Med Interfaculty Challenge and UMBC got first place! Yay!

Had a trip to Petrosains! This outing is counted as semi-leisure la I think because we actually went there for our assignment. lol. It has been so long since the last time I was there, still as fun as I remembered :D

Caught a few movies too and they were all so good!

Kingsman - Didn't even mind that I paid RM16 for the ticket. Well worth every single cent.

ABTM 3 - As usual, Jack Neo movies never fail to make me laugh and cry throughout the whole movie. Really hoping there will be an ABTM 4!

Fast and Furious 7 - Not really a die-hard fan but this movie was still good and their tribute to Paul Walker was just so emotional T____T

Credits: Jack Yap Photography
Credits: Jacky Yap Photography

 FESENI (Festival Seni Universiti Malaya) just ended recently and I went to support for 2 events which was the Chinese Cultural Dance Competition and the Choir Competition. I think my college did a great job *claps hands* Props to everyone for giving their all during practices and the actual day itself!

This pretty much sums up my first half of Semester 2. There are some events that I have yet to blog about because they are related to the upcoming KK Project this weekend, so I guess I will save them for another post.

Can't wait to go home!

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