Thursday, March 19, 2015

Kimono love

I wish this was me right now. It has been (and still is) such a busy and tiring month, and all I want to do is go home / on a vacation / watch a movie / shopping / anywhere other than here.

This is a backdated outfit post (I wore this during my Miri trip last month), bear with me because there are a lot of pictures coming up.

Kimonos are pretty much a big deal this season and I got mine from Padini for only RM19 when they had their clearance sale. Such a steal! I think kimonos make such a great cover up (gotta protect ourselves from those harmful UV rays!), and the sheerness of it is just perfect for Malaysian weather. Simple and laid back, just nice for a vacation. 

About my vacation, Miri is such a small town, but the seafood there is the bomb! Also, the rich there have ridiculously huge land and houses. Saw a house that's so high on top of the hills that the owner has their personal private flyover that goes up to their mansion. Seriously.

Floral kimono, Denim shorts, Black handbag, Sunglasses from Padini  l  White spaghetti top from Gold Apple  l  Blue sandals from Cartino Sonea

I think I'm pretty much turning into a Padini fan here. For real though, they have some awesome stuff. 

Thanks for reading! Till then :)


  1. Nice look:) xx

  2. Always that gorgeous babe! We shall meet again soon ^^