Monday, February 2, 2015

Paper Mache Competition


Welcomed the shortest month of the year by stepping out of my comfort zone...and on to a stage.

It was my first time being an emcee for an event yesterday at the Paper Mache Competition which was held at The Shore.

Was kind of nerve wrecking but I'm very grateful that all the staffs of the organizers, Telic Paper Sdn. Bhd and The Shore Oceanarium were really kind and accommodating, despite my lack of knowledge and skills of being an emcee. Stumbled and stuttered with my words here and there but they were still very gracious towards me T__T

About the event, they had 2 categories which are 4-6 year olds and 7-10 year olds. So I was there for half a day. 

All the kids were soo cute! I was quite surprised that the younger group of kids were so focused. They weren't distracted by anything at all during the competition. Parents were also not allowed to help them and all of them were completely fine on their own.

And I didn't know kids these days are so hard core! They (especially the older group) brought their own mini battery operated fans to blow dry their art work, nail polish so that their glitters will stick, mini tables and chairs, own props, and even trolleys to lug around all their stuff. omg.

Sorry no photos of all those because I was either too busy admiring all their work or doing other duties. =/ 

I don't remember being so hard core for colouring competitions ever! And THEY ARE SO TALENTED. Like seriously. We are talking about kids that are less than half my age and they can draw and colour so much better than me T_T Their creativity is also super amazing 

These are a few of the kids' artwork that I personally like very much:

Can you believe this was drawn by a kid?! So well drawn and coloured! 

And can we please stop to admire all the details of this seahorse?! SO MUCH DETAIL. It must have been so tedious to complete this art work. 

This kid went on the creative route and brought her own Chinese New Year Props that brought a sea turtle to life. Nice right??

I love the colour combinations of this lobster! Look at the gradient effect on the body!

This kid managed to make the ordinary sea horse looked very expensive. All the pearls and the sequins just made this sea horse look damn posh and rich XD

Editing my script here and there

It was a very eye opening experience for me. Never thought that these kids had so much skills and creativity. And also, even though I felt that I didn't do my job quite as well as I hope I would, but it was a great experience and I'm thankful for having the chance to be a part of it.

Oh yeah, if you all are interested in seeing more artworks , then just go to their Facebook Page Paper Mache Competition or their blog to see more!

And also, if you guys have any kids at home, they are actually having an online competition still ongoing until 8th of February! More details also on their Facebook Page. :)

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  1. so lucky to be the emcee ! you looks so elegant

    1. Haha, but I did quite a bad job though >< Thanks babe <3

  2. can't believe this belong to kids work ! so nice !!
    you looking good too :D

    do check out my post with funny music video of chinese new year song

    1. Ikr??? They are a talented bunch. Thank you for your compliment! I will check your blog out soon ^^