Sunday, February 8, 2015

On my way to having smoother skin {Review: Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moisturizer}

Pretty sure that all girls/women and even guys would love to have smoother skin, so I'm gonna introduce my current favourite moiturizer that is now a must have in my skincare routine.

This is the Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moiturizer. Snail related beauty products are really popular nowadays and after using one for 2 weeks, I can understand why.


- hydrates
- provides antioxidant protection
- improve skin texture and tone
- strengthen skin's natural rejuvenation
- gently exfoliates 


- white and creamy
- kind of feels like applying mask


I usually apply this every time after I wash my face, which is day and night. So after using a toner, I will dab some of this moisturizer on my face. I emphasize more on the T-Zone area (forehead and nose) because those are the parts of my face that lacks moisture the most.


After using this for 2 weeks, I have noticed that my skin became a lot more smoother! It is now becoming close to feeling like baby skin :D Very impressed! Didn't expect it to have much effect but it does and I love it!

As for my skin tone, I didn't really notice any change in that, and my T-zone still gets oily from time to time.

- Improves skin texture a lot!
- Solid jar
- Has another lid after opening jar to prevent spillage

- Slightly weird smell in the beginning 
(it is bearable and after using it more, I wasn't bothered about it anymore) 

Honestly, this is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used, so thank you HiShop for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

Would I repurchase it? Yes. Because it produces great results and it is quite a lot, so I can use it for at least 9 months before needing to repurchase it again.

If any of you are interested, you can get it here. I'm not going to lie, this is on the pricier side at RM150, but good news is that by using the discount code: MANDY during your checkout, you will get 15% discount!

**UPDATE (27/3/2015) : I realized that this product might be too moisturizing for my skin, therefore I have changed my skin routine by only using this on alternate days. This routine works better for me :)

I used a new approach for writing my review this time. Hope you all will prefer it this way, because I don't like reading long reviews, and I just want reviews to be straight to the point, which is what I tried to do in this post.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed ^^ Just another reminder also, even though products are sponsored but all thoughts and views are my own.

Thanks for reading :D

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