Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blocked at Customs

Just came back from Miri a few days ago, and an incident happened at the Miri airport.

As some of you may know, Sarawak is well known for their pepper, so when we went there, we of course had to buy pepper.

However, we did not have any space in our luggage left, so we just decided to bring them on the plane as a hand carry in a huge plastic bag filled with other goodies.

And this is what happened at imigration...

Me: *passes through the scanning machine thingy* *goes ahead to grab my handbag and hand carry*

Officer: Miss, *points at my plastic bag* ada lada kat dalam? (Miss, is there pepper inside?)

Me: Err..yeah.

Officer: Tak boleh bawa lada atas kapal terbang miss. Kena check in. (You can't bring pepper on the plane miss, you have to check them in.)

Me: But...but...luggage dah check in lah. Macam mana?? (But...I already checked in my luggage. So what should I do now?)

Officer: Tak pe, sekarang you pergi ke check in counter, bagi mereka flight number dan nombor tag beg you, mereka boleh tolong masukkan dalam beg. (It's okay, just go to the check in counter and give them your flight number and the number tag of your bag, they will help you keep it)


Thus starts the chase to get to the check in counter with 6 bottles of pepper in my hand.

Just imagine, a skinny girl wearing a sunflower dress with a white cardigan, holding 6 bottles of pepper, and running so hard as if her life depended on it, in an airport.

What's more, my cousin brother Arron also joined me on the sprint because he had 2 bottles of pepper with him as well. 

When we reached the check in counter, it was already closed, and we were totally at lost as to what to do.

We had no choice but to run full speed all the way back to the imigration counter, and told the officer that it was already closed. I practically begged her to let us bring it on the flight. Promised her we wouldn't open it, touch it, heck we won't even look at it in the plane.

And thank God, she said okay. 

She allowed us to bring it on the plane with the condition that we had to place them in a proper luggage (my uncle's hand carry) and lock it. Thanked and apologized the officer profusely and then we managed to get on the plane with all our peppers in hand.

All that running, from the 2nd floor to the 1st, then back again from the 1st to the 2nd floor. Just for some Sarawak pepper.

I hope your taste won't disappoint me. I had to run and beg so hard just to bring you guys home.

My cousin brother later on said it kinda felt like we were on Running Man, and everyone laughed.
I just said it's funny only because we made it. Won't be funny if we had to throw them all away.

Was pretty tired out from all that running, plus all that travelling a few days before, but lucky me, I got the seat that can't recline because the emergency exit is right behind me.

So this is how I attempted to sleep on the plane. Just like how I would sleep in class. lol.

Lesson learnt. No more peppers on hand next time. And also, pre-book flight seats.

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