Sunday, February 22, 2015

Floral Romper ft Craft de Hearts

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Hei Fatt Choi :D Saw a lot of people posting their CNY OOTDs everywhere on social media, so I wanna share mine too!

This is my Chor Yat outfit :) Rompers are a big hit this season, and I managed to get myself a floral romper just a week before Chinese New Year. Super last minute clothes shopping. lol.

And I accessorized with this gorgeous Starry Link Bracelet by Craft de Hearts! I love how unique it is. It's the type that would make heads turn so that they can have a closer look on your bracelet. Also, it is very classy, perfect for any semi-formal or formal occasions. 

The colour of the bracelet makes it easy to match with any outfit as well. The Chinese crystal donuts and the Swarovski pendant gives an extra bling when under lights or sunlight.

is well known for their handmade accessories, especially their Qing Style hair accessories.

Charming Colour (image by Craft de Hearts)

I love the colours of this piece! So vintage looking that it reminds me of the olden days drama where the queens and princesses often wear very nice hair accessories on their hair.

Truely Love (image by Craft de Hearts)

This hair piece is also another favourite of mine. Can be worn casually or dressed up formally as it looks elegant and cute at the same time.

Pandora Inspired (image by Craft de Hearts)

They also have Pandora inspired bracelets! I know Pandora is very popular nowadays, their inspired ones looks just as good and definitely a fraction of the price of the original ones. You can customize and choose the charms that you want too!

So ah, for the guys that wanna get something for your girlfriends (Chinese Valentine's day coming up yo! Or birthday or anniversary gift also can!), or for the girls that wanna pamper themselves but not wanting to burn a hole in your pockets, this would be a perfect choice!

Bridesmaid bracelets (image by Craft de Hearts)

They also make matching bridesmaids bracelets too! How cute is that?! Now all your ji muiis can look pretty together :D

Customized accessories (image by Craft de Hearts)

They also provide customization services. Then you can have your own customized accessories, be it a necklace, bracelet, or earrings. Spot any pendants that you like yet?

Their materials are mostly imported from Singapore or USA, so you need not worry about the quality of their accessories. They also provide free re-fix for pieces that you purchased from them! 

Ready made pieces takes 2-3 days (West Malaysia), 3-4 days (East Malaysia) to reach your doorstep, while customized pieces depends on how long it'll take for you to discuss with them your specific requests, and upon completing the accesories, it will also take the same amount of time to deliver, just like the ready made pieces.

You can check out their website here for more designs by them. Like their Facebook page and follow their Instagram (@craftdehearts) too to receive immediate updates of pretty accessories that they have made. 

Good news for my readers! Use the discount code: Mandyooi01 and you will get 20% off any accessories! (postage not included). This discount is valid from now until the 31st of March 2015. So hurry and grab your favourite piece from them! 

Floral romper from Adore (Dataran Pahlawan)  l  Starry Link Bracelet from Craft de Hearts  l  Belt (borrowed from my Aunt Julie)  l  Heels from Barry (Aeon)

Wishing everyone to have a prosperous and great New Year! May all of you be in the pink of health and...nom more on those Chinese New Year cookies!

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Airport fashion #1

I went to Miri, Sarawak for my cousin's wedding last week, and it was the first time I stepped into KLIA2. 

Is it as big as everyone says it is?

Is it far to walk from the check-in counter to the boarding gate?
Yes, if you keep stopping at every store to take a look.
No, if you just keep on walking without stopping.

I always opt for comfort > anything on trips, no matter is I'm travelling by car, bus, train or plane. 

So I picked out a simple stripe top with my oh-so comfortable pleather pants. Threw on my checkered cardigan as well, because I know that airports can be pretty cold. 

For shoes, those are my mum's actually. They're from Skechers and they are SO COMFORTABLE. Love the memory foam inside it that makes me feel like I'm walking on pillows.

I also don't wear make up when I travel because I just want to be comfortable, the most I'd put on is some lip balm/ lip tint/ lipstick so that my lips won't be too dry. Contact lenses are also out of the question.

Please forgive the sleepy face look. This is how I look like with no make up + sleep deprivation.

  Long checkered outerwear from Taiwan  l  Striped top from YiiBaby  l  Pleather pants from HoneyMoon  l  Bag from Padini  l  Sneakers from Skechers

This is what I had for lunch on Air Asia. Really tasty nasi lemak and also the most expensive one I've ever had. RM18, drinks included.

Another lesson learnt: pre-book meals on flights

And this is post-flight, settled down in our hotel for our trip, Miri Marriot Hotel. Oh on the flight back, I actually got blocked at customs, which caused me to run around in Miri's airport. You can read about it here.

Till then, have a great Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year everyone ^^

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Blocked at Customs

Just came back from Miri a few days ago, and an incident happened at the Miri airport.

As some of you may know, Sarawak is well known for their pepper, so when we went there, we of course had to buy pepper.

However, we did not have any space in our luggage left, so we just decided to bring them on the plane as a hand carry in a huge plastic bag filled with other goodies.

And this is what happened at imigration...

Me: *passes through the scanning machine thingy* *goes ahead to grab my handbag and hand carry*

Officer: Miss, *points at my plastic bag* ada lada kat dalam? (Miss, is there pepper inside?)

Me: Err..yeah.

Officer: Tak boleh bawa lada atas kapal terbang miss. Kena check in. (You can't bring pepper on the plane miss, you have to check them in.)

Me: But...but...luggage dah check in lah. Macam mana?? (But...I already checked in my luggage. So what should I do now?)

Officer: Tak pe, sekarang you pergi ke check in counter, bagi mereka flight number dan nombor tag beg you, mereka boleh tolong masukkan dalam beg. (It's okay, just go to the check in counter and give them your flight number and the number tag of your bag, they will help you keep it)


Thus starts the chase to get to the check in counter with 6 bottles of pepper in my hand.

Just imagine, a skinny girl wearing a sunflower dress with a white cardigan, holding 6 bottles of pepper, and running so hard as if her life depended on it, in an airport.

What's more, my cousin brother Arron also joined me on the sprint because he had 2 bottles of pepper with him as well. 

When we reached the check in counter, it was already closed, and we were totally at lost as to what to do.

We had no choice but to run full speed all the way back to the imigration counter, and told the officer that it was already closed. I practically begged her to let us bring it on the flight. Promised her we wouldn't open it, touch it, heck we won't even look at it in the plane.

And thank God, she said okay. 

She allowed us to bring it on the plane with the condition that we had to place them in a proper luggage (my uncle's hand carry) and lock it. Thanked and apologized the officer profusely and then we managed to get on the plane with all our peppers in hand.

All that running, from the 2nd floor to the 1st, then back again from the 1st to the 2nd floor. Just for some Sarawak pepper.

I hope your taste won't disappoint me. I had to run and beg so hard just to bring you guys home.

My cousin brother later on said it kinda felt like we were on Running Man, and everyone laughed.
I just said it's funny only because we made it. Won't be funny if we had to throw them all away.

Was pretty tired out from all that running, plus all that travelling a few days before, but lucky me, I got the seat that can't recline because the emergency exit is right behind me.

So this is how I attempted to sleep on the plane. Just like how I would sleep in class. lol.

Lesson learnt. No more peppers on hand next time. And also, pre-book flight seats.

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Sunday, February 8, 2015

On my way to having smoother skin {Review: Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moisturizer}

Pretty sure that all girls/women and even guys would love to have smoother skin, so I'm gonna introduce my current favourite moiturizer that is now a must have in my skincare routine.

This is the Mon Amour Snail Hydrate Moiturizer. Snail related beauty products are really popular nowadays and after using one for 2 weeks, I can understand why.


- hydrates
- provides antioxidant protection
- improve skin texture and tone
- strengthen skin's natural rejuvenation
- gently exfoliates 


- white and creamy
- kind of feels like applying mask


I usually apply this every time after I wash my face, which is day and night. So after using a toner, I will dab some of this moisturizer on my face. I emphasize more on the T-Zone area (forehead and nose) because those are the parts of my face that lacks moisture the most.


After using this for 2 weeks, I have noticed that my skin became a lot more smoother! It is now becoming close to feeling like baby skin :D Very impressed! Didn't expect it to have much effect but it does and I love it!

As for my skin tone, I didn't really notice any change in that, and my T-zone still gets oily from time to time.

- Improves skin texture a lot!
- Solid jar
- Has another lid after opening jar to prevent spillage

- Slightly weird smell in the beginning 
(it is bearable and after using it more, I wasn't bothered about it anymore) 

Honestly, this is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used, so thank you HiShop for giving me the opportunity to review this product.

Would I repurchase it? Yes. Because it produces great results and it is quite a lot, so I can use it for at least 9 months before needing to repurchase it again.

If any of you are interested, you can get it here. I'm not going to lie, this is on the pricier side at RM150, but good news is that by using the discount code: MANDY during your checkout, you will get 15% discount!

**UPDATE (27/3/2015) : I realized that this product might be too moisturizing for my skin, therefore I have changed my skin routine by only using this on alternate days. This routine works better for me :)

I used a new approach for writing my review this time. Hope you all will prefer it this way, because I don't like reading long reviews, and I just want reviews to be straight to the point, which is what I tried to do in this post.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed ^^ Just another reminder also, even though products are sponsored but all thoughts and views are my own.

Thanks for reading :D

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Monday, February 2, 2015

Paper Mache Competition


Welcomed the shortest month of the year by stepping out of my comfort zone...and on to a stage.

It was my first time being an emcee for an event yesterday at the Paper Mache Competition which was held at The Shore.

Was kind of nerve wrecking but I'm very grateful that all the staffs of the organizers, Telic Paper Sdn. Bhd and The Shore Oceanarium were really kind and accommodating, despite my lack of knowledge and skills of being an emcee. Stumbled and stuttered with my words here and there but they were still very gracious towards me T__T

About the event, they had 2 categories which are 4-6 year olds and 7-10 year olds. So I was there for half a day. 

All the kids were soo cute! I was quite surprised that the younger group of kids were so focused. They weren't distracted by anything at all during the competition. Parents were also not allowed to help them and all of them were completely fine on their own.

And I didn't know kids these days are so hard core! They (especially the older group) brought their own mini battery operated fans to blow dry their art work, nail polish so that their glitters will stick, mini tables and chairs, own props, and even trolleys to lug around all their stuff. omg.

Sorry no photos of all those because I was either too busy admiring all their work or doing other duties. =/ 

I don't remember being so hard core for colouring competitions ever! And THEY ARE SO TALENTED. Like seriously. We are talking about kids that are less than half my age and they can draw and colour so much better than me T_T Their creativity is also super amazing 

These are a few of the kids' artwork that I personally like very much:

Can you believe this was drawn by a kid?! So well drawn and coloured! 

And can we please stop to admire all the details of this seahorse?! SO MUCH DETAIL. It must have been so tedious to complete this art work. 

This kid went on the creative route and brought her own Chinese New Year Props that brought a sea turtle to life. Nice right??

I love the colour combinations of this lobster! Look at the gradient effect on the body!

This kid managed to make the ordinary sea horse looked very expensive. All the pearls and the sequins just made this sea horse look damn posh and rich XD

Editing my script here and there

It was a very eye opening experience for me. Never thought that these kids had so much skills and creativity. And also, even though I felt that I didn't do my job quite as well as I hope I would, but it was a great experience and I'm thankful for having the chance to be a part of it.

Oh yeah, if you all are interested in seeing more artworks , then just go to their Facebook Page Paper Mache Competition or their blog to see more!

And also, if you guys have any kids at home, they are actually having an online competition still ongoing until 8th of February! More details also on their Facebook Page. :)

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