Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Upside Down House Gallery @ Melaka

So not only Cafes are springing up like mushorooms after the rain in Melaka, there has been a number of attractions popping up as well. My previous post was The Oceanarium @ The Shore, and now, it's gonna be an Upside Down House.

Honestly thought it was going to be a house upside down, turns out it's a gallery. Shoes have to be taken out before entering, like any normal house.

The owner said they tried to make it as real as a real house would look like, so the first thing you see when you enter will be the living room. 

Eqiupped with plasma TV,  sofa, coffee table, and even some snacks.

Then there's the dining area, along with the kitchen. If you look carefully, there are mini macarons and donuts served on the table. 

Counter tops complete with cooking utensils and an oven to bake.  

And of course a fridge. Which is apparently overloading with vegetables and fruits, but obviously I prefer the sweet packet drinks. Speaking of which, Chinese New Year is coming soon! Bring on all the JusTeas!

In another area, they have the bedrooms. I think this kids room is my favourite part of the whole gallery. Not because I like Hello Kitty ok. Will explain about this later on.

My mum trying to reach for the bear. She just can't stand having things laying about all over the floor. #truestory

This will be the master bedroom. Got dresser and make up some more!

And what house is complete without a toilet right? So here's the toilet with a sink, mirror and toothbrush.

That's all. Yup, pretty small house. Overall, I think it's a bit disappointing, firstly because of its size. But the owner said they are planning on expanding if the shop lots beside them are willing to let them have them. 

Another thing is because everything is stuck to the ceiling, so most of the lights are placed on the ground. So the lighting there isn't very good.

Here's a picture to show you how it's really like in there. Basically you just take a photo, then you rotate the photo to give that upside down effect.

The lighting itself is already not that good, so it would be better if the furnitures or walls are in a brighter colour. And this is why I liked the kids room best because the colours of the furniture are very striking, in comparison with the master bedroom, the furniture colours were really dull and not so attractive.

Really hoping that they will expand with more varieties and hopefully having more colourful walls or items. If you are planning a visit there, don't worry about not knowing how to pose or not having anyone take a picture for you, their staffs are very friendly and they will guide you to pose and help you take photos as well. Just be prepared to have a sore neck after that.

P.S: I have created a new label "M ♥ Melaka". All the attractions and cafes I've visited in Melaka have been placed under that label. So if you're interested in places to go or things to eat in Melaka, then just click that label :)

Upside Down House Gallery
G12&G14,Jalan PM 7,Plaza Mahkota,Bandar Hilir,Melaka, Melaka

Admission Fee:
- For Malaysians:
Adults: RM15
Kids: RM10

Senior Citizens: RM15
Disabled: 50% discount

- For non Malaysians:
Adults: RM20
Kids: RM16

Operating hours:
Mon - Thurs: 10am - 6pm
Fri - Sunday: 10am-9pm

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