Monday, January 12, 2015

The Shore Oceanarium @ Melaka

Finally my first post of 2015 :D I am now officially done with sem 1 in UM and currently on sem break. 

Paid a visit to The Shore's Oceanarium the other day, one of the newest attractions in Melaka currently.

Entrance Fees:
Adults  -  RM28
Child  -  RM18
Senior Citizen  -  RM18

Optional Add-ons:
3D Interactive Package  -  RM5 (3D glasses will be given)
Feeding Frenzy Package  -  RM10 (Fish food will be given for you to feed the fishes and turtles)

Operating Hours
Opened daily from 10.30am - 9.00pm (Last admission is 8.00pm)

My favourite part of the Oceanarium would definitely be the Interactive Touch Pool where I got to touch some of the sea creatures there. Sea cucumbers, horseshoe crab, starfish and baby sharks are some of the creatures that visitors get to touch! It was quite fun :D

They also had these Magical Vacuum Aquariums that defies gravity and water doesn't our out when we stick our hands in the holes. 

Would be specially cute if you come here with your other half and both of you can hold hands through the holes with fishes swimming around both of your hands. Cute right? 

P.S: That is my brother. Definitely not my other half. 

The Oceanarium is split into different parts. In the Jungle Quest, you get to see spiders, bugs, snakes, spiders and many others. The hedgehogs are adorable! Do look out for them if you go there :D

Along the way, there are many informational short clips displayed on TVs. Some enables 3D effects, so this is where you can put those 3D glasses up for use.

I think this part of the Oceanarium is pretty self explanatory. 

Many different kinds of sea shells are displayed in glass cupboards for all to see. So you can finally know what kinds of shells you have been picking up on beaches. 

The mangrove area is another interesting area. You get to know all the different kinds of species living in mangrove areas and they even have mangrove trees as the background in their tanks. 

Shark Quest is where you get to see all the sharks, combined with the stingrays. They even have them swimming above you too, so you can see them very clearly. 

Look out for the pretty colourful corals. Their colours are so vibrant in real life! Almost looks like a painting. 

After taking a look at soooo many species of sea creatures, I have one favourite fish.....

And it's this little guy! Or girl. I don't know its gender. But doesn't it look like it has rabbit teeth!? It also has some eyebrow looking marks on top of its eyes. This fish looks a lot like a human lor! SO CUTE.

Keep your eyes peeled for this little guy ok. My mum, brother and I spent at least 10 minutes staring at it.

They have turtles too. The adult turtles get to swim freely while the baby turtles have to swim in a fenced area. 

And finally, at the end of the Oceanarium, they have the souvenir store which is mostly filled with stuffed animals.

They are surprisingly quite cheap as well. The small ones are around RM15 only and they are having 10% discount at this moment!

Another hot item would be their Paper Mache Educational Craft. It's 100% biodegradable and safe for kids. So now kids can paint the sea creatures and have their own marine life at home :)

Thanks again to The Shore, Oceanarium for giving me this opportunity to visit them. For more information, do check out their Facebook page and their website :)

The Shore Oceanarium
193 Pinggiran, Sungai Melaka
Jalan Persisiran Bunga Raya,
75100 Melaka

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