Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Delicate lace

White baby doll lace dress from Vintage Style M  l  Long denim outerwear from Taiwan  l  Silver sandals from Te Chi-Chi (Zalora)   ll   photos by my mum

Taking my head above the waters for a moment before I start drowning in my assignments again. Finals is coming very soon but I still have 2 more assignments undone. Whoever said that Form 6 prepares you for university clearly did not know how being in university is like.

I haven't done an outfit post since forever, so when I went back to Melaka last week, I decided to take some pictures, and here they are.

There's something about white and lace and denim that can never go wrong. I can't remember the last time since I wore a baby doll dress, and I really like this one because of it's intricate lace details. Paired it with a chunky and long denim jacket for volume and to toughen up the look a little.

Oh yeah, speaking of Melaka, I was only away from home for a month plus, and suddenly we have a new shopping mall already. Like. What?! So yeah, all the above pictures were taken there at The Shore. It is still fairly new and not really completed yet. They also shut down the fountain right after I got like 2 pictures there (second pic on top), next time I'll try to take pictures there at night because I know it gets super colourful then. Will be heading there again I think when more shops open.

Not so soon though, got to finish my assignments and hit the books now. *cries*

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  1. nice outfit:) xx

  2. So chiooo!!!������ Your mum 越来越厉害了��

  3. Hey hey, guess who? Hehe i am sorta back on blogger, mostly on Photoshop stuff.

    1. heyyyy! That's great! Gonna visit your blog :DD

  4. u so prettty!! really lace is soft look, denim is hard look, together match is just perfect :D

  5. I love this look, babe! Gorgeous! :D

  6. soo pretty, look like an angel with the white dress, cute and innocent :D
    I love ur hair the most :D wish I have hair like u :D
    followed u, mind to follow back? thanks