Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Daily Fix Café

This is a way overdue post. I can't even remember when I went to this café, that's how long it has been. Haha. I think this café is still fairly new though, probably not even half a year yet? And it's situated at a popular area in Melaka - Jonker Walk.

Since there's too many cafés around, the only way you'll ever attract customers is either through your decorations, or you must have really something special in your menu that other cafés don't normally have, and I think The Daily Fix has both of these qualities. 

Can we just all take a moment to admire how beautiful that wall behind me is? They managed to stick on Chinese antique plates onto a worn-out looking wall and made it into art. I love the vintage feel towards it and it is just so Instagram worthy. Haha.

Sadly, didn't take any more pics of their interior, so I got this picture from their Facebook Page. There are non-shaded areas for those cloudy days or for those that wish to sun tan maybe, and also shaded areas for the ones that just don't like the sun, a.k.a me. They have a very cosy setting, although, it does get a little bit hot in the afternoon.

Local Pandan Pancake
Price: RM 9.90
Rate: 8.5/10

Like I mentioned, they have special items in their menu and one of them is their pancakes, especially this one. I don't like anything that has to do with pandan, except Nasi Lemak, but this pancake changed my mind. It is very savoury and the Gula Melaka really adds a good amount of sweetness. I would say this is a must try!

Hot Matcha Latte
Price: RM9.00
Rate: 6/10

Was slightly disappointed with their Matcha Latte though because it lacked in taste. Wasn't rich enough for me. However, they do serve other drinks like coffee and tea.

Only went with my bestie that time, so that's why we only ordered one food item on the menu to try, the pancakes are quite filling. We talked for hours that day. It was a great catch up session with her :D

OOTD: Black long sleeve sheer top from Padini  l  Denim shorts from Brands Outlet (which is now nowhere to be found. wth.)  l  "Key to My Heart" necklace from Ollie Jewellery  l Sandals from Barry (Aeon)

Oh by the way, their staff is very friendly! Had a small chat with the cashier that day and she was very nice to us. :) In case any of you are interested, they are located inside a batik shop called "Next KK", it's the opposite of Jonker 88 (famous cendol shop), just have to walk a little further up to get there. I myself am hoping to revisit this café another time and try out more things on their menu :D

The Daily Fix Café
55, Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker Street), 75200 Melaka.
Mon, Wed - Sunday: 10.00 - 5.30pm
Tue : Closed
The Daily Fix Cafe Facebook Page 

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  1. Nice Cafe! Will definitely visit if I happens to go Melaka! :)

  2. Awesome cafe! Would love to revisit melaka and hopefully this cool cafe. :)