Sunday, September 21, 2014

New chapter: University Life

Finally have time to actually blog. Who knew Uni life can be so busy even though I haven't even really joined anything yet. Lol. It's already my 3rd week in University of Malaya, and so far many things happened:

1st Week

  • Registered myself on the 1st of September at 3rd College (my dorm) of Universiti Malaya, which is Tuanku Kurshiah, also known as Kolej Kediaman Ketiga (KK3)
  • Got to my room which is at the top floor. It is very very small. Kind of like living in a shoe box. But I am thankful that my room doesn't get the morning nor afternoon sun! Sleeping on the top bunk of he double-decker bed.

  • I GOT A GOOD ROOMMATE. Couldn't have asked for a better one. She's really nice and awesome! And we have the same surname! haha. 
  • Parents helped me to clean the room before they went back. Thanks mum and dad <3 
  • Orientation started and ended. It was really very tiring but all our seniors (PMs) are really really nice. They took care of us really well. Helped us out with the whole registration process, guarded us when crossing the roads, took care of those who are sick, and on top of all that they even performed for us during the last day of orientation. So nice right?!

  • Best part of orientation is when everyone gathered in Dewan Tunku Canselor (DTC) and shouted our college and university cheers! The atmosphere was really awesome but this is how I got a sore throat too. haha.

  • My biggest accomplishment during orientation is always being able to be the first few to take a bath despite not being the first group to be able to go back. (I was in the 8th group, there were 14 groups altogether). Never had to wait in turn for a shower because every time I go back to my room, I grab my clothes, bucket and toiletries immediately and rush to the toilet. Haha.

2nd Week

  • Made a mistake by showering at 4am during the last day of orientation with a sore throat. Then woke up with a high fever =.= #lessonlearnt
  • Never have been so sick in a long time and it just has to happen when I'm away from home. I was so dizzy and very weak the whole time.

  • Thankful for KS who took very good care of me despite himself being slightly sick as well. And huge thanks to his friend who drove us to UM Hospital (the student clinic wasn't open on a Sunday) and waited 2 hours with us before my turn came.
  • Jia Ying and my roommate also took care of me very well. Don't know what I'd do without them.
  • Condition didn't improve and started to cough really badly, so KS and I got a taxi to UM Student Clinic.
  • Discovered this amazing thing called the 'My Teksi' app. Very convenient to get a taxi and they run by meters!

  • Didn't have to pay a single cent in the hospital and the clinic. Free medication and consultation!
  • Missed out on many classes, all outings with my college CC mates (Chinese Community), and also my business orientation week because I was sick. 
  • Went home on Wednesday because I cannot take it anymore. Thankful that my sister came up to get me, Only went back to KL on Sunday.
  • Lost 4kg in total due to extensive exercise (during orientation, had to run here and there) and having no appetite (when I was sick). Am now currently underweight again and I hate it. Trying to gain more weight now.

3rd Week

  • Feeling a lot better, and finally being able to walk to class. By the way, my dorm is on top of a small hill and so is my faculty. Exercising every day. Who needs a gym when you have hills?
  • Being super blur in almost all my classes (Please don't tell me I'm the only one). But I'm very lucky to be pampered as well. Because all my notes are automatically photostatted for me and it's okay for me to not know where classes are because my friends and KS will bring me there. #perksofbeingasickgirl #veryloved #veryblessed #somewhatspoiled
  • Finally understood that you have to be very independent when you are in university. Nobody will tell you what to do. You have to plan everything yourself, from washing clothes, getting drinkable water, thinking about what to eat, knowing where classes are, getting text books, printing notes...and so on. YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING YOURSELF. Which is something I am currently trying to adapt to.
  • Our KK seniors brought us out for the famous curry wan tan mee at 4am! They purposely wake up at 3,30am just to fetch a bunch of us juniors there. Then when we got there, don't have enough seats, so they all let us juniors sit down and eat first only they eat. Seriously have very very nice seniors.
  • Had a Saboteur session in the bilik TV (ironically, nobody uses the TV) with seniors and other friends of the same batch.
  • Went out for dinner with KS's buddies who are very nice and never made me feel like an outsider despite me not being in their buddy line. Told you our seniors are super nice. They are like God sent angels <3   
  • Went to Mid Valley twice with KS! First time was to catch the movie 《等一个人的咖啡》 (the book is wayyyy better. Kinda disappointed they changed the story so much until some parts don't make sense) and second time was to buy some more essentials.
  • Went to Malam Suai Kenal (MSK) organized by the Christian society called Persaudaraan Kristian Varsiti (PKV) at the Medic faculty. Met nice seniors who fetched us to and fro. Also got to know new friends. Can't describe the feeling during praise and worship, it just home. 
  • Also joined the Lantern Parade organized by Pesta Tanglung Universiti Malaya (PTUM). It was fun! We had free lanterns and walked about half a round around campus I think. It was a very funny walk too because got background music wan. The people behind me suddenly started singing chinese love songs. Haha.
  • After such a long and eventful week, I CAME BACK TO MELAKA! The journey back was quite a hectic one too. But thankfully I remembered how to come back. haha. Still enjoying my time here in Melaka before I have to go back again.

Okay that pretty much sums up my first 3 weeks in University. Hopefully I will be able to adapt to University life very soon as there are many many more weeks to come. Haha. Update soon!

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  1. soon you will get used to uni life and love it! Take care! =D

  2. Wow~~u so xing fu in ur uni life (except the climbing hill part, haha)
    Fortunately gt KS takes care of u ^^

    1. En lorr. Feel super lucky and blessed ^^ haha. If all us are in the same uni, I will feel lagi xing fu!

  3. gosh, u sick just like me ! just that i sick after one month being in uni haha
    glad there's alot of people taking care of u , i just realize once you're sick, the most important people is your roommate and friends
    looks like you have lots of fun activites in um hehe

    1. Haha I know rightt. And everyone is so nice ^^ Bet your bf and your friends take care of you well too. hehe. Yeah quite a lot of activities! Might drown in them soon xD

  4. Hi, I am going to um for registration this Sunday but I haven complete my medical checkup form yet. So would I have enough time to do blood test at hospital um during the orientation on Monday? Because my cousin sis told me that orientation week is um was a disaster because they doesn't really have time to sleep and bath. And how far is the hospital from kediaman kesembilan?

  5. Hopely sucess study in University Malaya