Monday, August 18, 2014

Mid August Life Updates

Just some life updates in bullet point form because I am too tired to form proper sentences and paragraphs:

  • Finally ended my working life.
  • Bought a lot of stuff from Etude House, because now they are having promotion for the whole month! Buy 1 Free 1 or very huge discounts. (stuff I bought listed here)
  • Got into University Malaya!! Was on the edge of my seat while waiting for the results to be announced. Am very thankful and blessed that I got my first choice. Will be studying Business Administration for 3 and a half years there.
  • Brother started coughing out blood. (My brother's condition and story here)

  • Did my medical check up in preparation for Uni.

  • And for the past few days, have been busy taking care of my brother and also relatives and friends that have been coming to visit my brother. 

Just want to say a big thank you to anyone that has been coming / will be coming to visit my brother or leaving him kind and nice messages. All your support and love has cheered him up a great lot and has been a comfort to our family. Especially want to thank my relatives. Now I know how fully blessed we are to have such a loving extended family on both sides. Everyone just comes to my house without prior notice and it was really surprising to see every single one of them. Even those from other states also drove / sat a bus / sat a taxi to our house. Some took emergency leaves just to visit my brother. And those from overseas also have came back / planning to come back. With that, I am truly grateful. Never have I felt so loved and I hope my brother feels the same. Also wanna thank my friends who have left me with supportive messages, called me, skyped with me and everything. Thank you. There's really no other words that I can say except thank you.

We are okay, still hanging in there, and still staying strong :) Prayers for my brother are highly appreciated. If anyone has any recommendations or connections with any doctor that can help my brother's situation, do email me at 

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  1. I will pray for yr bro to get well soon..stay strong! :')

  2. Congrats in getting into UM and I'm really sorry to hear about your brother. Stay strong!

  3. Congrats for getting into UM!! ~ you only have to study 3.5 years? Wow, we have to study for at least like 4 years.. so lucky you!! & I can't imagine how it might feel for your brother.. I hope he'll recover soon and become well and healthy... prayers for him. I wish him the best and hope he stay strong and get through this difficulty.

    1. Thank you Nicole! Yeah it depends on the course you are taking :D Some courses (like medic) will require us to study up to 5 years. And thanks a lot for the concern and prayers. Much appreaciated <3

  4. Hi Mandy, I stumbled across your blog via one of the Facebook groups.

    First and foremost, congratulations on being accepted into UM!! I am truly excited for you. You will love it there, and campus life is amazing if you want it to be. I'm a fresh alumni of UM, Education Faculty and 9th Residential College. So do let me know if you need a guide. There are TONS of good food around PJ.

    I just read your brother's post. I'm sorry to hear about his condition. On a lighter note, he writes very well. Love how he articulates his thoughts into words. Yes, God is with you and your family. Will keep your brother, you, and your family in prayer.

    Love and prayer from a random stranger :)

    1. Hi Sarah :)

      Thank you so much! I'm really excited to be heading there. haha. Yeah so I heard :) Am looking forward to the activities and university life in general ^^ omg yes! FOOD. haha. Love food. Can't live without it. Literally xD

      Thanks for the kind compliment towards my brother :) He is doing slightly better now. Really appreciate the love and prayers. May God bless you Sarah :)

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    3. Glad to know that you are up for an adventure and especially on your brother's positive progress. You are most welcome.

      Do drop me an email as I would love to introduce to you some juniors I trust (and who loves FOOD as well) to keep on a look out for you. Email : There's no harm in networking! ;)