Thursday, July 3, 2014

ZALORA X American Apparel

That stunned moment when you just found out American Apparel is actually founded in Canada and not America. Haha.

I'm pretty sure most of you know of, or at least, heard of American Apparel. This brand was founded by Min Chan and Eustace Russel in 1989, which means they have been in the business for 25 years now! 

They offer everything, from tops, dresses, pants, skirts, and accessories for both men and women. American Apparel's collection ranges from basic clothing wear that can be worn on a daily basis, to elegant shirts and dresses that are suitable for important events. In more simple terms, they offer both casual and formal wear :)

Here are some of my favourites:

I really love their basic tees as they can be paired with anything at all. Best thing is these t-shirts are made from comfortable and light weight material, and this is SO important because we all know how hot Malaysia is. And then, as you can see, they have these gorgeous dresses that can be worn for a special night out with a special someone maybe? haha. They also offer crop tops, which are all the rage now. They have so many pretty ones that I really want them all!

As for the guys, can we just admire how pretty that hoodie is? I really really like the colour and it looks so comfy! They also have button down shirts for a more formal look. Also they have plenty of basic tees and shirts to choose from.

Where to get American Apparel you might ask?

Just head on over to Zalora to get these trendy yet simple clothes. Zalora offers a wide range of American Apparel clothing online and you can purchase them within minutes without even needing to step out of the house. Ok enough talking, time to shop! Woohoo!

Disclaimer: All pictures of the apparels were taken from Zalora's website


  1. ah so sad that Indonesian's Zalora don't American Apparel in their website

    1. aiks :/ Hope that one day they will have it! :)