Monday, June 30, 2014

Casual Outfit of the Day

"Say No More" white outerwear from Taiwan  l  White spaghetti strap from Gold Apple (DP)  l  Denim shorts from Brands Outlet  l  White clutch from Terranova (DP)  l  Sunglasses from Padini  l  Brown sandals (forgotten where I got it from) 

Monday no blue today! (except for my denim shorts) As much as I love dressing up, there are some days where I just really want to dress casually, and today is one of those days. 

Since the weather is so hot here, the usual outfit combination would either be a singlet or a simple tee paired with a pair of shorts. But I feel that adding a very thin outerwear can enhance the whole look, and also shield you from the sun or provides a bit of warmth if you are going somewhere with air conditioning. *kills two birds with one stone* Sandals are also a good choice if you want to save the hassle of wearing sneakers on a casual day out.

So who says you can't be stylish by being casual? Simplicity goes a long way :)

Also, today is a public holiday! So we (my mum and I) decided to be all touristy and went to the Red House to shoot these photos. This was all my mum's idea, so credits to her for this shoot! 

On another irrelevant note, 女人是不是要有点杀气才不会那么容易被欺负? Have been facing some issues at work lately. Sigh. I guess all these are just a learning process, but I cannot deny that it is getting frustrating and annoying. Hoping for better days to come, just like today.

Oh! Before I forget, Happy Fasting, Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends and readers! May all of you have a great fasting month ahead! :) Thanks for reading!

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  1. I like this look! haha I prefer dressing casually too most of the time ^^

    Heaven Knows

    1. Thanks Chiew Nee! :D Haha yeah I'm starting to dress more casually too nowadays XD

  2. Great casual look. Simple yet lookin so chic :)

    Kisses ♥

  3. nice!:)) xx

  4. 女人是不是要有点杀气才不会那么容易被欺负?
    哈哈,好像很对哦?应该有点杀气的 xD

    *hope u would follow back =)*

    1. 哈哈哈。对咯。好的^^ 现在去看看你的部落格哦~

  5. Nice white outerwear you have! *_*

  6. Wow, your mum shoots nice pictures!

  7. nice outfit! I love how the jacket lol!! <3

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