Monday, June 30, 2014

Casual Outfit of the Day

"Say No More" white outerwear from Taiwan  l  White spaghetti strap from Gold Apple (DP)  l  Denim shorts from Brands Outlet  l  White clutch from Terranova (DP)  l  Sunglasses from Padini  l  Brown sandals (forgotten where I got it from) 

Monday no blue today! (except for my denim shorts) As much as I love dressing up, there are some days where I just really want to dress casually, and today is one of those days. 

Since the weather is so hot here, the usual outfit combination would either be a singlet or a simple tee paired with a pair of shorts. But I feel that adding a very thin outerwear can enhance the whole look, and also shield you from the sun or provides a bit of warmth if you are going somewhere with air conditioning. *kills two birds with one stone* Sandals are also a good choice if you want to save the hassle of wearing sneakers on a casual day out.

So who says you can't be stylish by being casual? Simplicity goes a long way :)

Also, today is a public holiday! So we (my mum and I) decided to be all touristy and went to the Red House to shoot these photos. This was all my mum's idea, so credits to her for this shoot! 

On another irrelevant note, 女人是不是要有点杀气才不会那么容易被欺负? Have been facing some issues at work lately. Sigh. I guess all these are just a learning process, but I cannot deny that it is getting frustrating and annoying. Hoping for better days to come, just like today.

Oh! Before I forget, Happy Fasting, Selamat Berpuasa to all my Muslim friends and readers! May all of you have a great fasting month ahead! :) Thanks for reading!

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Marilyn Monroe semi transparent top and 'Chanel' bag from SingXFashion  l  Rib cage skirt from Taiwan  l  Silver platform sneakers from Summer (Dataran Pahlawan)

Just realized it has been quite awhile since my last outfit post, always thought I would have tons of time after exams to blog more fashion posts, but work and play is eating up my time. Anyway, the two pieces I'm wearing are both coincidentally trending right now. Semi transparent tops really brings out the Korean vibe, but be careful how you wear them and what you match them with so that you wouldn't look / slutty, for example, pairing them with super short shorts, that is not pretty (in my opinion). Rib cage skirts are also another hot seller now and it's easy to see why, because they can be matched with a simple top and automatically makes you look quite chic :)

Bought the 'Chanel' bag from my favourite online shop but I didn't take notice of the measurements and it's a tad bit small so I can't fit my wallet in it. Nevertheless, I do think it's a really pretty and classy bag so I hope I'll be able to find a nice little pouch soon so that I can use this bag more often :D

Took all these pictures at Bites, which is a newly opened Asian Fusion Restaurant owned by a church member of mine :) I am a sucker for pretty places and good food, so this is definitely a nice place to dine in. It's not too expensive either. Around RM20+ per person for a meal :) They mostly serve western food, but they do serve nyonya/local cuisines in the afternoon. They also have an array of desserts. Do try their banana crumble, it's super delicious! The restaurant is located near IJC and you can park for free at the car park beside the restaurant.

We had a birthday celebration for my brother there alongside other church members and had the most delicious Carrot cake ever! And please can we take a moment to admire the decorations on the cake. Too pretty!!

And if you haven't guessed already by the title of this post, this is my 100th post and I thought I'd give a special shoutout to my twinsie who just got her website up and running. Gwen, if you're reading this, this is for you kay. Do visit her beautiful website here and read her even more beautiful works here. I especially love the one titled 'The Other Woman', so do check her out :)

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Famosa Water World

Started the month of June with a mini getaway with my form 6 group of friends :D We went to A Famosa for 2 days and 1 night!

We have all been wanting to go on a trip for quite awhile but it's quite hard to match everyone's budget and working schedule, so a month ago when I saw the Groupon deal for A Famosa's Water World at only RM29, I straight away asked everyone if they wanted to go and everyone said okay!

Quite drama la at first. Thought we couldn't stay over anymore because the villa that my uncle owned there was in a horrible mess no thanks to the caretaker, but he promised to clean up before we went to stay and he really did! Was totally shocked that the house was sparkling clean from top to bottom!

Then when we got there it started raining! But thank God the rain stopped after 15 minutes and off we went!

Look of the day: Hair up in a bun, Sunglasses from Padini, Swimsuit from Singapore and KS's over sized blue jersey

Rented lockers and tubes when we got there. The double tube was RM20 (RM10 is deposit, they'll give it back when you give them the tube back), the lockers were RM4 each.

Found out that all 8 of us were quite matchy with our outfits coincidentally! haha.

SKQ and CZH without shirts

Hazim and Fazrul with shirts

Angie and Man Ping with their One Million Women Purple Walk shirts

And then KS and I with our blue jerseys photobombed by Man Ping and SKQ. lol. Ignore awkward leg position please.

I think the absolute best ride was this Big Ice Cream! It was soooo thrilling and shocking. Not for the weak hearted. haha. I shall not describe it very much because knowing what happens spoils half the fun and excitement! All I can say is that I was so completely shocked by what was going to happen next in that tube that someone said my eyes were opened till as big as saucers. =.= Not sure exaggerated or what.

Oh yes, tips for surviving: DO NOT. I repeat. DO NOT let go of the handles of the tube before the ride is completely over. SOMEONE (I shall not mention names, so don't worry KS, nobody will know it was you. I know. I'm so nice.) thought that the ride was over and decided to let go of the handles and almost landed outside of the tube which might have caused a whole lot of injuries. Thankfully, nothing happened. 

That was definitely the most thrilling ride for me. The rest was fun too, but not as thrilling. Didn't try the body slides though because it looked like it will hurt. A lot. Would've played a lot more rounds if we didn't have to climb up so high (about 3 stories? or 4?) to play each game plus carrying the tubes ourselves. The double tube was still ok, but the tube for 4 was super heavy. Thank you to the boys for carrying them about 98% of the time :D

Had fun at the kiddy pool too. Uhh. They did have a sign that said adults weren't allowed, but uhh...oops. hehe. Kids at heart count mah?? lol

Oh yes I did saw something quite disgusting here. A mother and her kid spit together in the pool. It was grossss. Please people. Don't be selfish la. That was so disgusting I can't even =_= 

Then we headed back to the wave pool after we got exhausted of climbing and riding all the rides where we just sat down on our tubes and relaxed.

Lesson learnt. Useless to depend on others to help us take a group picture. Should have invested in a selfie stick but so far the ones I see are close to RM40. Anyone knows where to get cheaper ones? 

Oh yes, have to tell you a very sad story. So I actually have motion sickness but I didn't know it was THAT bad. Just sitting in the wave pool also can get "sea sick". That's why I had to sit out earlier than the others. I was annoyed but I couldn't do anything about it. Good thing it was already towards the end and we were about to head home.

Ice cream to cheer up the girl that got motion sickness. Lol. 

Headed back to my uncle's villa to have our dinner which was Steamboat!! Sorry for the blurry pictures. The yellow lighting wasn't helping much.

We brought all the ingredients and cooking utensils all by ourselves and had 3 rounds of these. Then, Hazim, Fazrul and Man Ping went back home, leaving the 5 of us to stay.

Had endless rounds of card games and then decided at 12 midnight that we were hungry again, so we had one more round of steamboat. haha.

Woke up the next morning and had the leftovers for breakfast. We went to McD before we came here and got all the ketchup, chili sauce, salt and pepper so that we didn't have to bring those. Quite smart right? haha. *praising selves* This saved us a lot of hassle ok! Thanks CZH! 

Poor SKQ was the last to get up, so the other 2 boys decided to pile all the thick blankets on him, stacked up the pillows and turn off the air conditioning. He still slept for at least 15 minutes more I think and then woke up drenched in sweat. Hahaha. But he's a good sport =P We're sorry! Hehe.

Then we all decided to have some fun in the pool before we left. 

It was a really nice trip and I have so many things to be thankful for!

  1. KS, who took up the organizing position with me because I couldn't have managed it all alone.
  2. Awesome friends who trusted us. Just realized we didn't even show them the bill of the ingredients we bought but they still gave us the amount we asked for without any questions. So sorry! Will be more particular next time.
  3. Awesome friends who trusted me to get the tickets. hahaha. Actually it was my first time purchasing with Groupon and I called A Famosa a few times to make sure that the vouchers I printed out were valid.
  4. Friends who aren't fussy over who should do more work. Every one worked together cleaning and preparing everything. Nobody minded. 
  5. Protection.
  6. Amazing weather. It was mostly cloudy when we were playing at the Water Theme Park. So we were barely under the sun most of the time!
  7. My brother's waterproof camera! Without it we couldn't have all these amazing photos. Thanks Gor :D
  8. And most importantly, I'm thankful for all the fun we had.

Definitely hoping for a next trip with them before we each head of to uni! :D xx

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Monday, June 2, 2014

Goodbye May, Hello June.


I cannot believe that half the year has gone past already and there's only half of 2014 left!! Busy scrolling back through Facebook and my blog to see what have I done exactly this past half year because it seems like I haven't done much at all! Where did all that time go!?

I think May was a really good month for me. Here's the summary of May in point form:

  • Mum bought new sports shoes for me! The brand is 'Brooks' and we bought it at the sports shop beside the food court in Mahkota Parade (in case anyone is wondering)

  • Had an awesome day with my church buddies, Lois and Joey! It has been soooo long since we last hung out together and we played Dutch Blitz! Which is my favourite card game from the U.S ever since I first played it. Malaysia needs to move on from Monopoly and Uno already please.

  • Mother's day celebration with my beautiful mama :D <3

  • Hung out with the bestie and tried out the new Korean Bakery in town which is Soo's Bakery! It was mehhhh. The drinks were overpriced and there is hardly any privacy since the place is quite small.

  • Got sponsored  contact lenses and also a facial cleanser.

  • Got a job, then quit the job after half a month. Haha. I updated on my Dayre about the 6 reasons why I quit my job. Read it  here.

  • Got a new laptop from PC fair! It's the Acer Aspire E1-472G

  • Went for a university interview and felt a bit out of place because everyone there was so studious looking and I was just......

me. lol


Had a very great month of May filled with lots of love and blessings and I really Thank God for that. Grateful for all the little and big things that happened. Hopefully June will be just as amazing :)

Goodbye May, Hello June.

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