Friday, May 23, 2014

Taiwan Trip: OOTDs in Taiwan

Still very much not over Taiwan yet, so this will be another Taiwan related post. Before I went to Taiwan, I made up my mind to not be lazy and must dress nicely every day so that I can have nice pictures. haha.

When I came back after my trip, I browsed through all my photos, and realized that there is a trick into getting very nice photos without needing to wear any fancy clothes, you only need either one of these two things which is a nice outerwear or nice shoes.

Since I went there during Spring, it wasn't that cold till I had to wear a jacket every day, so of course my main attention was my shoes. Once you have nice shoes, no matter how simple you wear, confirm your photos will still turn out nice I swear.

I wore these silver high top platform  sneakers during my whole trip and it really made a difference to my pictures. Plus, it was comfortable, major plus points for that! I got these from Summer at Dataran Pahlawan in case anyone of you are wondering :)

Below are all my outfits that I wore during my trip :D 


Zebra top - Honey Moon  l  Ripped denim jeggings - Gold Apple

Always important to wear comfortable clothes on flights. I also never bother with any make up, and I only had 3 hours of sleep that day, thus the puffy eyes and swollen face. lol. Oh and I thought the interior design of Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport is quite pretty!


White crop top and black skorts - Honey Moon


Denim jacket, neon yellow mesh top, heart printed stockings - Ximending  l  Denim shorts - Mico Fashion Square

Wearing almost everything new that I bought from the night before because who waits to wear new clothes? Also brought my black back pack along this trip and it has suffered tremendously due to the fact that I dump it anywhere when I don't want to be photographed with me carrying it. Come to think of it, I haven't cleaned it yet ever since coming back from this trip. Whoops.


Mint green sweater, Black leather jacket - Honey Moon  l  Rib cage skirt - Ximending


Studded denim singlet - Honey Moon  l  Black jeggings - For the life of me, I really cannot remember where I got these from =.=


Mesh top, Gold shorts - Honey Moon  l  Black spaghetti strap top - Gold Apple (DP)


Long denim jacket - Ximending

Red London flag cardigan - Honey Moon

I woke up at 5.30am just to walk around the hotel to take this series of outfit pictures. Haha. Dedicated or what? XD  I just wore the same white crop top from Outfit 2 and the same rib cage skirt from Outfit 3, pair them with a pair of black stockings and matched with the jackets. They both have a different feel towards it and I love both the outcomes!


'Train' white tee, Striped overall dress - Feng Jia Night Market
Disclaimer: The first picture of this outfit is actually a candid shot! Because I was standing near the pigeons, and this bus by the road side decided to honk. So the pigeons all got scared and flew, so I got scared as well #fineyoucanlaugh I was trying to see whether any of the pigeons will fly near me because I'm scared they will 'do their business' on me, and my mum just took the pic. hahaha. I like it a lot! Oh and also, Thank God I didn't had any pigeon droppings on me. That wouldn't have been pretty. 

That is all for my outfits during my trip in Taiwan! Huge thanks to my amazing mum who took ALL the pictures above (except my selfies. duh). I know. She's talented. Hehe. Do leave me a comment and tell me which outfit you like best :) Thanks for reading!

Where I went in Taiwan: *click here*
What I ate and where I shopped in Taiwan: *click here*

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  1. OMG!! Love all you outfit so much~~~
    The shoes really made all your outfit look fabulous!!


  2. Ahh!! I want to go to Taiwan so badly! The shots are perfect and so are your outfits!! I totally need that suspender skirt; I love your styling by the way! :) xx

    Chic Nikkie

    1. You should!!! I miss that place so badly >< Thank you so much ^^ I saw a lot of blog shops that are starting to sell those skirts, you can keep a lookout for them :)

  3. Love your outfits! You are so cute! <3
    Taiwan looks like a great place! :)

    ❤ ✿ MY BLOG✿ ❤

  4. OUTFIT #5 Gold, silver and black all are included! Haha

    1. hahaha ya lor. I keep thinking how to pair my gold shorts. Only wore them after 2 months of buying it XD

  5. I wonder who takes your photos ?

  6. loving every of your look! so inspiring! <33

  7. You have 2 outfits #3. I love your gold shorts! Where is Honey Moon?

    1. Ahh thanks for pointing it out Kharn Yee! Edited :) Honey Moon is a shop at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka. They have another branch behind Pavillion, it's a boutique by the road but I'm not too sure where it is though :/

  8. Nice ootd and shoots girl! ;)

  9. 对不起.. 我之前不应该那样说你的鞋子。我收回之前对你鞋子的品论。

  10. Just saw this page , and may I know where is Honey Moon and Gold apple ? ^^

  11. I love all your outfit! :D