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Taiwan Trip: Food and Shopping in Taiwan

Continuing from my first post about going around Taiwan, here's my 2nd post on what I ate and where I shopped in Taiwan :D


Among all the places I've been to, Ximending is definitely my ultimate favourite place to eat AND to shop. People call it the Harajuku of Taiwan, I call it heaven.

There is just so many thing to see there. The streets are wide and clean, there are street performances at night, there's probably a thousand and one shops there, the street vendors come out at night to sell street food, restaurants at every corner...etc.

The fashion there is definitely on point. I personally am into Korean/Japanese fashion, so I did manage to get a ton of stuff. But I do think that even if you're not into styles like that, you will still manage to buy stuff from there.

I stayed at a Home stay called Taipei York and this was definitely the second best decision of my trip thanks to KS's recommendation. (the first one being us going there a day earlier before the tour so that we had one free day to ourselves) The home stay was directly at Ximending and it's quite cheap! We went during the Good Friday / Easter holidays, it was a Saturday night, and they only charged us RM230+ for a room for 3 people. Very affordable, very comfortable stay, and awesome location! So if you want to go to Ximending and need a place to stay, I recommend Taipei York!! I'll give it 5 stars!

Since Taiwan is known for their street food, I made sure to eat a lot and try as much food as I can. My stomach was not disappointed. 

排骨面 Taiwan Pork Rib Noodles, it's different from the one we have in Melaka. The pork ribs were really really soft and it tasted amazing.

卤肉饭 Stewed minced pork served with rice, also one of the must tries.

And you can't say you've been to Ximending if you didn't try their famous 阿宗面线!Ay-chung Flour Rice Noodle. Before I went Taiwan, I saw a lot of reviews saying this was too overrated, but it tasted great to me! Everyone's taste is different I guess, or maybe they were just expecting too much. haha. 

蜂蜜苦瓜 It's bitter gourd with honey. Tastes kind of weird at first, but I promise it gets better after a few sips. Also very famous and the queue was really long.

Sausages T__________T  I miss this the most omg! Their sausages there is THE BEST! I had the black pepper one and it was awesome. I want this nowwww T__________T

Also saw many odd food combinations too, like this for example. 花生捲冰淇淋 That square thing is a block of peanuts and they mould it into powder form, put it on top of a popiah wrap, put two ice cream scoops and then add Chinese parsley (those veggies that we usually put on chicken rice) on top. Very weird combination, but it tastes really good!


My second most favourite place is definitely Jiufen. The old street has a very nice feel towards it and since we went on a weekday morning, it wasn't that crowded. 

The first shop right at the entrance has the best beef noodles and Taro balls! 

They cooked the beef till it became super super soft and eating this hot beef noodles on a chilly day is the best thing ever!

When in Jiufen, we also bought back a few packets of Ultra Thin Almond Meat, it's called 猪纸皮 in Chinese if I'm not mistaken. It's actually very thin slices of pork. Very crunchy and tasty. No idea why they named in Almond Meat when it has nothing to do with almonds though -.- 


This place wasn't as interesting to me as the first two places, guess I didn't really like the concept of it. I did try out their Jumbo Ice Cream and quail eggs. Jumbo Ice Cream tastes just like normal ice cream, the only thing that makes it unique is it's size, and the quail eggs were okay-ish.


I was quite surprised that this night market is situated right outside Fengjia University. The students there very 好命 leh. It's the biggest night market in Taiwan and things are definitely cheaper there as compared to Ximending. Also bought quite a lot of clothes from there.


This is definitely one of the most overcrowded night markets in Taiwan. It was quite difficult to squeeze through the crowd. Especially their 美食街. Somehow lost all my food pictures from here but I didn't really manage to take much either. We had their super large sausage, it's price is based on it's weight, expensive but very very very good! Then we had their bubble milk tea called 青蛙下蛋 (frogs laying eggs), funny name, but the taste was quite nice. The disappointment of the night was the famous 豪大大鸡排 (super large chicken cutlet), the only reason it's famous is because of it's size, it's really huge, but then, the taste was... =.= Our Shilin here makes better chicken cutlets.


This night market is mainly food. 

Loads of seafood here. About 80% of the stores are selling seafood. Too bad I didn't get to try them because I was too full from lunch. 

Best papaya milk I've tasted by far. Approved by many celebrities too. haha.

So I don't know what's the English name of the fruit above (the green one) but the inside is white and it's super sweet! The vendor said that if the packet that we bought is not sweet, he will give us our money back. So we bought one and tasted it on the spot, it was super sweet! 

7-11 Seven-Eleven

In Taiwan, they call it 'Seven' instead of 'Seven-Eleven' and theirs is such a big difference than ours lor. So many varieties of food and drinks. You name it, they have it. They also sell clothes and power banks ah. haha.

My favourites from there:
  • Soft-boiled eggs + alcohol
  • Meiji green tea ice cream
  • LCA bottled drink (tastes like Yakult)
  • 满漢大餐麻辣火锅牛肉面 (instant noodles with actual meat inside!)

I think it's totally possible to live on 7-11 food alone. Don't need to go any fancy restaurants or cafes la, just stay near a 7-11 in Taiwan and you're good for life.

That's all the places that I went to shop and eat in Taiwan. Writing this post really makes me miss Taiwan a lot! I really want to go there to eat till I'm fat and shop till I drop again. 台湾,我会回去的,等我吧~

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