Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mr. Right? No. It's Mr. Lens

I want to bet that most of us would only think of 'clothes' when someone mentions 'online shopping'. I guess contact lenses/glasses also counts as 'clothes' for our eyes la. So let me introduce to you a place to shop for 'clothes' for your eyes. 

Mr Lens is an online site where you can purchase any type of contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses.
You name it, they have it.

You want daily/2-week/monthly/3-monthly disposable lenses?
They have it.
 Whether it's non-coloured,

or coloured.

You want Correction glasses?
They have it too. And it's guaranteed 100% conversion right for all correction glasses.

You want sunglasses?
Also got. Guaranteed 100% original brands! No pasar malam or "inspired" stuff here okay. All authentic original brands!

At Mr Lens, you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface. 
Tempted to have a look lehh...
Don't bluff. I know you want to check it out. 
Just go to and have a look around yourself.

How to purchase anything from there you may ask? It's very simple.

#1: Go to Mr Lens and click 'My Account', then select 'continue' from the 'I am a new customer section'

#2: Fill in all your necessary details then you can start shopping!

Just add all the things you wish to purchase into your cart, checkout, check your delivery information and payment information.

(They accept all of these forms of payment)

After checking, confirm your purchase and you will receive an email confirmation about your purchase.

During the whole duration of waiting for your products to arrive, you will receive a few other emails to thank you for your payment, your order status, and your order shipment. 

I thought this was nice la, with some online shops, after your purchase, they don't tell you whether or not they received your payment, don't tell you when they ship your parcel, then you have to keep confirming with them, "Got receive my payment anot?" "Got deliver my stuff already anot?" If they don't reply you promptly, you will start worrying if they are frauds. Lol. So I think it's good that Mr Lens has this system, saves a lot of hassle and worry.

My order came in just TWO DAYS after my payment! 

Very fast lor! Got lollipop some more. lol. And free contact lens casing!

I got the Colourvue Evening Grey contact lenses and I will do a proper review about them when I have the chance to wear them :) Till then!

*Contact lenses were kindly sponsored by The Butterfly Project and Mr Lens
**Review done based on my personal shopping experience with Mr Lens

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