Friday, May 30, 2014

{REVIEW} RA8 Refreshing Skin Cleanser

Don't laugh. I know there is a huge pink ribbon on top of my head.
Lol. But I got a good product to share lah and there is a good reason for me to be wearing this! So just bear with me and ignore the ribbon throughout this post. Stop staring at it ok? Stop. STAPH. please? heh

Okay, back to the real deal of today, have you all ever heard about the brand RA8? It's actually a skincare regime that produces noticeable improvement in skin tone, texture, and overall appearance of the skin. 

When I first read up about it, I thought,"Wah...Got so good or not?" Lol. Well, the only way to really know it is to try it! So thanks to HiShop, I got the chance to try out RA8's Refreshing Skin Cleanser :D and this is why I am wearing that ribbon hairband la,to keep my hair out of my face to try this cleanser out! 

The packaging is so pretty!! Love the shocking pink box! Can reuse it to put make up products or accessories or even shoes! haha

This is the cleanser and I will show you how to use it :)

Make sure your palms are wet, then squeeze a small amount of cleanser on your palm (it's transparent), and use your other hand to work it into a rich creamy lather like so.

Then, apply it on damp skin with a gentle massage.
I don't think you all can see through this picture because the foam disintegrates really quick, but I have already applied it on my skin and it has a very nice cooling sensation :D
Remember to rinse with water thoroughly after this. 

Gently wipe your face with a facial cotton after rinsing and you're done! 
(Pardon my eyebags, I haven't been getting enough sleep lately -.-)

My verdict: 9/10

Pretty much like any other cleanser right? WRONG.
I have only been using it for a few days but my skin feels extra soft, smooth and bouncy! I am not exaggerating nor am I saying this just because this is sponsored. Even asked my mum to feel my skin and she agrees with me. haha.
Very surprising ok! I never knew that a facial cleanser can improve my skin texture like this!
Oh and after usage, the cooling sensation will linger on your skin for awhile which is really nice, and it also has a pleasant smell :) But don't worry, the smell is not too strong, so for people with sensitive noses like me, you won't have any problems using this product :)

If you're interested about the RA8 Refreshing Skin Cleanser, you can find it here, or if you're interested in any other products of this brand, you can find them here as well.  

HiShop is also kindly giving my readers an exclusive* RM20 rebate for my readers!
Just use the code: RA814

*with minimum purchase of RM99, only available till 30th June 2014

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Thanks for reading :) Till the next post <3

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Taiwan Trip: OOTDs in Taiwan

Still very much not over Taiwan yet, so this will be another Taiwan related post. Before I went to Taiwan, I made up my mind to not be lazy and must dress nicely every day so that I can have nice pictures. haha.

When I came back after my trip, I browsed through all my photos, and realized that there is a trick into getting very nice photos without needing to wear any fancy clothes, you only need either one of these two things which is a nice outerwear or nice shoes.

Since I went there during Spring, it wasn't that cold till I had to wear a jacket every day, so of course my main attention was my shoes. Once you have nice shoes, no matter how simple you wear, confirm your photos will still turn out nice I swear.

I wore these silver high top platform  sneakers during my whole trip and it really made a difference to my pictures. Plus, it was comfortable, major plus points for that! I got these from Summer at Dataran Pahlawan in case anyone of you are wondering :)

Below are all my outfits that I wore during my trip :D 


Zebra top - Honey Moon  l  Ripped denim jeggings - Gold Apple

Always important to wear comfortable clothes on flights. I also never bother with any make up, and I only had 3 hours of sleep that day, thus the puffy eyes and swollen face. lol. Oh and I thought the interior design of Taiwan's Taoyuan International Airport is quite pretty!


White crop top and black skorts - Honey Moon


Denim jacket, neon yellow mesh top, heart printed stockings - Ximending  l  Denim shorts - Mico Fashion Square

Wearing almost everything new that I bought from the night before because who waits to wear new clothes? Also brought my black back pack along this trip and it has suffered tremendously due to the fact that I dump it anywhere when I don't want to be photographed with me carrying it. Come to think of it, I haven't cleaned it yet ever since coming back from this trip. Whoops.


Mint green sweater, Black leather jacket - Honey Moon  l  Rib cage skirt - Ximending


Studded denim singlet - Honey Moon  l  Black jeggings - For the life of me, I really cannot remember where I got these from =.=


Mesh top, Gold shorts - Honey Moon  l  Black spaghetti strap top - Gold Apple (DP)


Long denim jacket - Ximending

Red London flag cardigan - Honey Moon

I woke up at 5.30am just to walk around the hotel to take this series of outfit pictures. Haha. Dedicated or what? XD  I just wore the same white crop top from Outfit 2 and the same rib cage skirt from Outfit 3, pair them with a pair of black stockings and matched with the jackets. They both have a different feel towards it and I love both the outcomes!


'Train' white tee, Striped overall dress - Feng Jia Night Market
Disclaimer: The first picture of this outfit is actually a candid shot! Because I was standing near the pigeons, and this bus by the road side decided to honk. So the pigeons all got scared and flew, so I got scared as well #fineyoucanlaugh I was trying to see whether any of the pigeons will fly near me because I'm scared they will 'do their business' on me, and my mum just took the pic. hahaha. I like it a lot! Oh and also, Thank God I didn't had any pigeon droppings on me. That wouldn't have been pretty. 

That is all for my outfits during my trip in Taiwan! Huge thanks to my amazing mum who took ALL the pictures above (except my selfies. duh). I know. She's talented. Hehe. Do leave me a comment and tell me which outfit you like best :) Thanks for reading!

Where I went in Taiwan: *click here*
What I ate and where I shopped in Taiwan: *click here*

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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mr. Right? No. It's Mr. Lens

I want to bet that most of us would only think of 'clothes' when someone mentions 'online shopping'. I guess contact lenses/glasses also counts as 'clothes' for our eyes la. So let me introduce to you a place to shop for 'clothes' for your eyes. 

Mr Lens is an online site where you can purchase any type of contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses.
You name it, they have it.

You want daily/2-week/monthly/3-monthly disposable lenses?
They have it.
 Whether it's non-coloured,

or coloured.

You want Correction glasses?
They have it too. And it's guaranteed 100% conversion right for all correction glasses.

You want sunglasses?
Also got. Guaranteed 100% original brands! No pasar malam or "inspired" stuff here okay. All authentic original brands!

At Mr Lens, you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast delivery, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface. 
Tempted to have a look lehh...
Don't bluff. I know you want to check it out. 
Just go to and have a look around yourself.

How to purchase anything from there you may ask? It's very simple.

#1: Go to Mr Lens and click 'My Account', then select 'continue' from the 'I am a new customer section'

#2: Fill in all your necessary details then you can start shopping!

Just add all the things you wish to purchase into your cart, checkout, check your delivery information and payment information.

(They accept all of these forms of payment)

After checking, confirm your purchase and you will receive an email confirmation about your purchase.

During the whole duration of waiting for your products to arrive, you will receive a few other emails to thank you for your payment, your order status, and your order shipment. 

I thought this was nice la, with some online shops, after your purchase, they don't tell you whether or not they received your payment, don't tell you when they ship your parcel, then you have to keep confirming with them, "Got receive my payment anot?" "Got deliver my stuff already anot?" If they don't reply you promptly, you will start worrying if they are frauds. Lol. So I think it's good that Mr Lens has this system, saves a lot of hassle and worry.

My order came in just TWO DAYS after my payment! 

Very fast lor! Got lollipop some more. lol. And free contact lens casing!

I got the Colourvue Evening Grey contact lenses and I will do a proper review about them when I have the chance to wear them :) Till then!

*Contact lenses were kindly sponsored by The Butterfly Project and Mr Lens
**Review done based on my personal shopping experience with Mr Lens

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