Friday, April 18, 2014

Splash of Red

Black three ways top, black skorts & Red London cardigan from Honey Moon  l  Black Chanel inspired phone case (free gift)  l  Paris Eiffel Tower watch (Birthday gift)  l  Jeffrey Campbell inspired boots from SingxFashion

If you are like me and your wardrobe mostly consists of black and white, I think it is wise to invest in a bright coloured outerwear. The reason being a bright outerwear can really make you standout in photos and brighten up your look.

I personally love the colour red the most (for outerwears that is, my number one favourite colour is still purple) because it is the most eye catching colour. 

Oh and I noticed these Chanel inspired phone cases are so popular nowadays and I really wanted one for myself. I even considered buying it before I bought my phone because it's just so pretty that I cannot resist! LOL. Glad that I didn't, because I got it for free! The phone shop owner said I can choose a case for free when I bought my phone from him, so of course I chose this one! It's really chic and elegant. Plus, it is so so convenient. There are slots for you to put your cards and cash. No need to bring handbag out anymore! A lot of online blog shops are selling them, but so far, I think Adore to Style is selling it at the cheapest price. Just in case any of you are interested la :D

Some life updates: 

  • I have been having back pains on and off for a few years, recently it has been confirmed I have a mild case of scoliosis. If you don't know what is it, you can see the explanation here. But Thank God that my case isn't serious, it's less than 10% and all I have to do is to take care properly by not carrying heavy stuff and er..I have to stay off walking with high heels =/ Still grateful that my case isn't serious and I am trying my best to do some stretching exercises to lessen the chances of the pain coming back from time to time.

  • I also sent out the KOSE Sekkisei Lotion Masks to the winners today already. If you are one of them and you didn't provide me your address by now, I'm sorry but I cannot send it to you anymore. (For those whom I didn't ask for your addresses, I'll be handing out to you personally, don't worry)

  • For the most exciting news, I will be going to Taiwan soon! Crossing out yet another one of my post exam to-do list  :D  Prayers for safe flight, safe trip and good weather will be much appreciated :D

Will update this space when I get back! Have a great weekend everyone :)

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  1. You are so beautiful and this outfit is really awesome! I love your hairstyle~ <3

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  2. adore your bag and the place :D


  3. have a safe flight!
    and oh yes! chanel inspired phone cases are so trendy right now!
    my instashop oso got sell! haha
    anyway, have a safe flight ya to taiwan!
    and yes, i do agree that every black outfit should come with bright outerwear or at least some accessories to liven up that black outfit~(black and red goes well)
    by the way i really like your photoshoot, who snap it for you?

    1. Thank you so much! I just got back today :DD oooh you have a shop?? that's awesome! :D hehehe thank you ;)) My mum takes all my photos. haha XD

  4. i really love the chanel inspired phone cases! they are so cute and your one reminds me exactly of that quilted chanel bag :)

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