Friday, March 14, 2014

Sporty look

Baseball tee from Honeymoon  l  Black shorts from a random boutique  l  Cap from Jonker Walk  l  Silver sneaker wedges from Summer (Dataran Pahlawan)  l  Sunglasses from Calvin Klein

I am not a sporty type of person. 
I play badminton once in awhile (a long while actually), I swim once in a blue moon, and I used to go for dance classes (yes, I consider dancing as a sport) but I don't anymore.

But when it comes to fashion, I really like sporty wear. Not as in those type of clothes you wear to the gym, but as in jerseys, varsity jackets, and in today's outfit, baseball/softball tees.

Baseball/Softball tees are sold everywhere currently. It's one of the latest trends I would say.
Just match it with sneakers and it'll definitely give it more of a sporty look. I really love my silver sneaker wedges a lot! And I think everyone should have at least one pair of sneakers or sport shoes as it can match with almost anything.
You can also match the tee with ripped jeans and a pair of Converse, I think it'll look very nice as well :)

I also wore a cap to make it look extra sporty. But let's be real, Malaysian's weather is not exactly 'hat-friendly'. It's too hot for that >< 

Unless you're having a really bad hair day or you can stand the heat or you just really want to be fashionable and not care whether or not you'll be dripping in sweat, then, I salute you for wearing a hat out. lol

That's all for today's post. Oh yeah, the haze is back, do drink more water and try not to engage in any outdoor activities. Take care everyone, and I hope it'll start raining soon. We need rain ASAP.

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  1. Such a beautiful outfit dear! This sporty look is great for you! ^o^

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  2. Nice:)) and BIG GIVEAWAY on my blog->

  3. Omg love your shirt and shoes! <3

  4. Such cute shoes! I love how they're shiny and fun looking :D

    1. Thank you so much Hanie ^^ Yeah they really are. got futuristic look.hahaha