Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Post Exam To-do List



Lol. Sorry for the over excited-ness. No wait, actually I'm not sorry. I've been craving this freedom since forever and when I thought I already had it, it was taken away from me for a while, and now I finally am officially, confirmed, really, free. So yeah, #sorrynotsorry

Anyways, I actually made a 'Post Exam To-do List', and I actually posted it on my Dayre.
I used the stickers to represent what I wish to do after exams and I thought it's quite cute!

So I shall repost this from my dayre, even though you all can see it if you download the app or view it through the webpage, but I will add some more things that I have forgotten.
So here it goes.


1. Self pampering

I want to cut my fringe because it has become so long that it's annoying. Kept flipping it up during exams because it was blocking my eyes. Lol. Should have pinned them up.

I also want to buy contact lenses as I have already ran out of them since 2 weeks ago! Need to get them soon.

Might want to go and get a facial done as well. Haven't done that for a while.

2. Buy a phone

I have been talking about this since forever. Really want to get a new phone since I have enough money to do so already.

I don't know how long I can stand using my current phone anymore because it lags so badly and reformatting it doesn't help. 

Anyone knows where to get a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that's below RM2000? Let me know.

3. Yumcha
Meeting my favourite people is also on my list. Can't wait to see everyone!

I haven't seen some of my friends since last year omg! There'll sure be a lot of catching up to do!

4. Applying for university

Almost forgotten about this (again). haha. I have to start checking out the courses and universities now before the application date closes!

Have to look at private colleges/universities as well as a back up plan if things don't work out. But I hope I won't have to :/  

5. Job hunting

I still have 6 months to go before I contine my studies again, so I  want to earn some more extra cash. Going job hunting soon!

6. Travel
I've said before that one of the things I'm looking forward to this year is to travel.

Currently planning on going to Taiwan by free and easy. I hope this will work out!

7. Korean Dramas

Have been K-drama deprived because of my retakes but now I can start watching them again!


8. Spring cleaning

Need to throw/give away/recycle all those books and notes that I won't be using anymore! (FINALLY)
I would burn them if it doesn't harm the environment, but it does. So..yeah. haha

9. Adult stuff

You know you're an adult when you have to start doing boring things like these. I have to renew my driving's licence (No more a 'P' licensed driver!) and I will renew my IC at the same time!

10. Shoppinggg!

Last, but definitely not least. SHOPPINGGGGGG. My favourite past time. Window shopping also can lah. haha.

Ok wow, I really have a lot of things to do. Going to tick them off my list one by one! Very excited about this freedom of mine. heh.

Oh yeah, but for now, the first thing I should do is...

So, good night everyone even though it's only 12 in the afternoon. I blame sleep deprivation.


  1. So cute list honey! :'D
    I bought a new phone a week ago... I feel better because of that XD

    ❤ ✿ NEW POST ✿ ❤

    1. Hehe thank you Rinako! ^^ omg which phone did you get?? I can't wait to get mine!

  2. talking about IC, it reminds me that I haven't renew my IC yet @.@ haha


    1. omg same here! this is our last year to renew right if not will kena fine >< hahah

      Heaven Knows

    2. omg faster go and renew! haha. Really will kena fine wan.