Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Halia Inc.

Went to Halia Inc. with KS today :) Heard about this place from Chiew Nee's blog so we decided to go there to try it out.

It's very spacious inside and it's just beside the Melaka River! Love the mural outside of the restaurant as well. So detailed and pretty!

Lychee Love
Rate: 7/10

The lychee drink is quite refreshing, probably due to the mint leaves and soda, but it doesn't have much taste though as compared to the passion fruit one (see below). 

Virgin Passion Fruit Mojito
Rate: 9/10

Love this drink a lot! The taste was amazing. And I personally like passion fruit drinks, so this is a must try :)

Angel Hair Pasta with Trio of Tom Yam Seafood

This. omg. The seafood is amazing! Everything was really really fresh! It literally melts in your mouth with every bite. It's slightly spicy, as the name suggests, it has a dash of tom yam in it. But the taste was awesome! *thumbs up*

 Halia Inc Grilled Chicken Chop
Rate: 7/10

Chicken chop served with potatoes, mixed vegetables and asparagus. This wasn't anything really special, but the taste was okay. It's also quite filling because they serve a lot of potatoes. Everything was cooked just nicely. Not over cooked and definitely not under cooked. :)

Like I said, the restaurant is just beside the Melaka River, so you can dine in with good food, good ambience, good view, and good company! haha. 

This panaromic shot was taken by my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 by the way :) (Yes! I finally bought myself a new phone! Will talk more about it another time.)

Overall, I think this is a really nice restaurant that is worth revisiting. I will definitely go back there to do some OOTD shots and get ore shots of their interior (I forgotten to do that today ><), and I'll also try out more of their food of course! :)

This is just a mini update since I haven't updated in awhile and I've also not done a food / restaurant review in a long time. Will be back with more pictures and updates!

Stay tuned to my next blog post where I'll be having a giveaway for my lovely readers! Don't miss it okay :)

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Halia Inc.
1 Jalan Merdeka, 75200 Melaka.
Halia Inc Facebook Page
Tue - Thurs: 7.00am - 11.00pm
Fri - Sat: 7.00am - 12.00am
Sun: 7.00am - 10.00pm

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