Thursday, February 27, 2014

Working life - My first office job

Haven't updated in a while because I've been busy making decisions and quitting my job and preparing stuff for my retakes...etc. It has been hectic.

But now, I have a bit of spare time, so I would like to blog about my job. Or rather, my previous job, since I already resigned.

I was working in a Singaporean telecommunications company branch here in Melaka. Go figure which one if you're interested, it's not that hard. If you don't know what a telecommunication company is, it's kind of like our Maxis, Digi, and Celcom here.

It was my first time working in a big company and even though I was there for only close to 3 months, I learned many things like:

  1. Work ethics
    Being punctual, wearing proper office wear, how to speak to superiors, how to behave in meetings and interviews...etc
  2. Data Entry
    This was my job. Keying in data into computers. Basically I was just in front of the computer 8 and a half hours a day. Sounds easy. I thought it was too. Turns out, it wasn't as simple as I thought it would be. But it was alright.
  3. Procedures
    Taking MC
    I regret all the times I took school for granted. Being sick while at school, all you have to do is write a letter and give it the next day or get a MC or maybe even don't bother, just don't show up. But I can't do all that when I was working. I had to go to panel clinics, get the right forms, get my MC, call in sick, get my receipt so that I can claim from the company...and it doesn't really help that all of the listed clinics are not the ones I usually go to nor near my house. I am not complaining, I just never knew there were so many procedures involved.

    Changing shifts/ working days with another colleague
    Previously I worked in a boutique at a shopping mall. If we wanted to change shifts between colleagues, all we had to do was change around ourselves. But working here was different. Forms to be filled, permissions to be asked, approvals to be confirmed...

    Applying leave
    Same as the above. Many steps have to be taken.
It was a whole new experience for me. I am glad that I got the opportunity to be in this job, even if its just for a while. Also, am thankful for nice colleagues. They really helped me willingly and never showed any sign of annoyance (even though they must have been pretty annoyed) when I had to keep running to them for help. Hehe. 

I had 2 goals when I got this job. One was to get a phone, another was to go travelling with the money I earned. And I already have enough money to fulfill one goal! Which is to get a new phone :D Quite surprising actually, I never thought I could have saved up so much in such a short time. Very happy about it.

Personally, I quite enjoyed working there. It was a nice environment to work in, good pay, only working 5 days a week, and I was lucky enough to meet really nice people. I always thought I would be working there till the end of my 6 months contract, but sometimes, life doesn't go the way we planned it to be. But I believe that God's plans are better than ours. So I shall wait and see :) Till then.

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Chap Goh Mei / Valentine's Day

Laced dress from Honey Moon  l  Heels from Vincci  l  Star earrings from Vintage Style  l  Sequined clutch from Happy2U  l  Paris Eiffel Tower watch (birthday gift)

Happy Chap Goh Mei and Happy Valentine's day everyone! :)

Just thought I'd show you guys what I wore on the first day of Chinese New Year on the last day of CNY (the irony).

I really love the details of this dress, especially the sewn in flower that looks like a brooch. No need to accessorize much as this dress is already quite detailed.

I only got to enjoy the first 3 days of Chinese New Year and the rest of the 12 days were spent in between work, sleeping and eating.

However, today, on the last day of CNY, which is coincidentally Valentine's day, I spent my day at work and also wrote a love letter to the company that I'm working at. Yes, I am resigning because I will be retaking my STPM semester 3 and I need to focus on my studies.

It was a tough decision. I really didn't want to quit. I am quite sad because I always thought that I could've stayed on till I finish my 6 months contract there, and in just 2 and a half months, I'm already leaving. This is my first office job at a big company and I will miss it very much.

Oh well, at the end of the day, I am still a student and my main job will always be studying. I have to learn to prioritize. One door closes and another one will open right?

For now, I shall just finish up my last 2 weeks of work and concentrate on my retakes.
(Changed shoes because my mum was wearing the ones above)

Hope you guys are having a wonderful Chap Goh Mei / Valentine's Day. *sending out virtual hugs and love to you all*

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Since it's Chinese New Year, I will take this opportunity to blog in Chinese. It has been awhile since I done this, feels a little bit weird to me. Having English translations because I know some don't know how to read Chinese.

I really reflected on a lot of things this Chinese New Year, below are some of the few.

1. 做工 // Work

我可是在最后一分钟才申请到五天的假。争取这个五天真的很不容易,差点就被逼拿unpaid leave了。不过,感谢主,也感谢HR,到最后申请到了,也没有拿unpaid leave。谢谢让我安心地享受我的新年。虽然初四就开工了,但我心满意足。
I only managed to apply my 5 days of leave at the very last minute. Getting these 5 days weren't easy. I almost had to take unpaid leave! But thanks to God, and also HR, I managed to get these 5 days of leave, excluding any of them being unpaid. Very grateful that I can peacefully enjoy my holidays. Although I had to go back to work on the forth day of CNY, I feel contented enough with the days I got off work.

2.  家乡很温暖 // Home is the best

我是马六甲人,爸爸是霹雳人。每一年的农历新年,我们都会回霹雳过新年。每一年回家乡的前一晚,我都会有一种莫名的兴奋的感觉。今年也不例外。前一晚凌晨两点半才睡得着,早上七早八早就起来了,但那四个小时的车程都睡不下。一回到,看到熟悉的面孔,熟悉的地区,这种很温馨的感觉,真的难以解释,不过这种感觉真的很好。 家是我们爱的地方,双脚可以离开,但心却不能。
I'm a Malaccan, but my dad is from Perak. Every year during CNY, my family will go back to my dad's hometown. I am always overexcited the night before the trip every year. This year was of course no different. I couldn't sleep till 2.30am, woke up really early the next day, yet didn't sleep a wink during the 4 hours journey. The feeling of seeing those familiar faces, sights, and sounds again is really hard to describe. I guess the closest explanation would be 'heart-warming'. I love this feeling. There's a quote that goes "Home is where the heart is. We can leave home, but our hearts can't." This is so true.

3. 减什么肥?尽管吃。// Diet? Pfft. Eat as much as you can.

To those that are busy dieting on CNY, good luck. I'll just be sitting in a corner happily munching on my Chinese New Year cookies without counting the calories. It's really a pity if you have to control yourself on such a festive season like this. The only reason that you should control what you put in your mouth is for fear of the possibility of getting sick, not because of what number the scale will show when you stand on it.

4. 我们都大了 //  We're all grown up now.

I come from a huge family. Especially my paternal side. We have around 40 people in our family. However, this year, those that are married, and those that are studying/working overseas didn't come back. My youngest cousin, is already 12 this year. How time flies, we are really all growing up now. This is the thing I fear the most, as we get older, as we go on our separate ways in the future, as the years pass and lesser people come home, what if one day we just stop meeting each other altogether? I don't think I can handle that. I guess that's why this year during the last night there, I said a lot of ridiculous things, like telling my cousin sister we should get married into the same family so that we can still see each other during CNY next time. haha. Come to think of it,what I said was really absurd and hilarious, but, maybe, on the other hand, I guess I really really can't bear losing this bond with this family. 

5. 故事  // Stories

My uncle shared a lot this year. My dad has 10 siblings, so it's not a surprise that they have many stories to tell. Every little story brings a huge life lesson, especially for us, the younger generation. Needless to say, everyone squeezing into my grandma's kitchen on the first day of CNY talking and laughing and just reminiscing the good old days is the most enjoyable part of CNY for me. I hope every year from now on, we will be able to do this. 

Chinese New Year is the best time to get together with loved ones. It doesn't matter if it's family or friends, sometimes, for some of us, this only happens once a year. So grab hold of the chance, and cherish the moment. I hope you all are having a great Chinese New Year.

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