Friday, January 24, 2014

Nobody understands

Have you ever felt like you're really upset about something but you just don't want to tell anyone about it because you know no one understands?

It's not that you want to be 'emo' and not talk to anyone about it, it's not that you want to simply claim 'nobody understands'. It's just that there are some things that you have to experience yourself before you can truly understand what other people are going through.

Constantly fighting the urge of wanting to tell someone, wanting to talk to someone about it so badly, and yet, knowing that no one around will get it. Simply because they have not experience something like that before. 

And then, maybe, one day, when you really can't hold it in any longer, you choose to break down in front of someone, reveal all your inner thoughts, your darkest secrets, your fears, your worries. But then...the respond you get, is the one that you knew you will get all along. The person you broke down in front of, don't know how it feels like, how YOU feel like. 

It's not that they don't care. They do. At least, some of them really do. But it's different, just because they don't fully understand. You can't stomach their consoling words, you can't bear to hear their advices. Then you start to regret telling them in the first place. Why on earth did you just tell someone who you already knew, won't get it?

Sometimes, what people really need is just a listener, a shoulder to lean on, maybe even a hug. Not someone who pretends to 'get it', not someone who dishes out advice after advice when they haven't even been through a similar situation in the first place.

In the end, we choose to not talk about it. 
Keeping shut might not be the best option, but it does save the extra disappointment that you might get.

"Nobody understands"

Sadly, this is true at times.

But on a brighter side, maybe not relying on people might just help you learn how to pick yourself up when you fall.


  1. omg u jz speak for me =(
    I feel u mannnn T.T

  2. i have ever felt that too before, it was so hurt and you just like want to scream out loud, and somehow it is just so hard to find person to lean on.
    so get well super soon my dear, it all gonna end soon! :)


  3. Hello!Malaysian Princess

    Japanese Prince KOJI supports Malaysian Princess(^▽^)
    (I am not Koji. sorry)

    Anyway, Let's dance together!(^o^)

    1. Hello! erm haha. I'm not a princess >< , but, er, thanks for the support. haha.
      I see you found my blog post of the Japanese students that came to my school ><
      Are you Koji's friend? ^^

  4. Wonderful post :) couldn't agree more. At times, we just have to stand up ourselves after the fall.

    1. Thanks Jia Lin :))) Yeah, have to learn to be independent and not rely on others too much.