Monday, January 27, 2014

Ichizen // Foodpanda Giveaway (CLOSED)

Two weeks ago was my mum's birthday, and since my mum loves Japanese Food, we went to Ichizen to have her birthday celebration dinner :D

There are quite a few Japanese restaurants in Melaka, I think Ichizen is one of the best so far! (Wazen is really good too of course.) 

Okay, so as I'm doing this post, I realised I didn't take a picture of the menu according to what we ordered and the receipt only contains all the Japanese names of the food =_= I don't know Japanese, so now I need to use Google to translate. #goodjobme


Ninniku Yaki Meshi (Garlic Fried Rice)
Rate: 10/10

Personally am not a fan of garlic be it raw or fried, but their garlic fried rice is so fragrant and it is super yummy! It's always a must order when we go there.

1/2 Una & 1/2 Salmon Tataki Roll (basically, it's eel and salmon sushi lah)
RM 31.00
Rate: 7/10

Omg I didn't know this dish was so expensive till I'm writing this post! *hangs head in shame* *sorry I wasn't aware because I didn't order this and I didn't pay the bill* Okay, erm, well this kinda changes my perspective of this dish. lol. It was nice, but er, it's overpriced for sushi. However, if you really like eel and salmon (and have cash to spare), by all means, try this dish.

Mentai Soba  (I have no idea what 'mentai' is, but soba means 'noodles')
Rate: 8/10

Despite forgetting what is the main ingredient (which I suppose its 'mentai'), it tastes really good. Definitely worth a try :) 

Soft Kani Karaage To Shake Kawa Sarada *Goma Dressing
(Soft shell crab salad)

When I was reading the name of this dish from the receipt, I was like 'to shake?! Shake what??' I sincerely apologize to all Japanese, Japan lovers, anime characters and Hello Kitties for my lack of knowledge in Japanese. 

Anyway, like my mum, I love anything that has to do with soft shelled crabs. *sees soft shelled crab on the menu* *squeals in delight and shouts I WANT TO ORDER THIS* This salad is really nice and soft shell crabs are awesome because you can just eat them straight as opposed to the normal hard shell crabs where you risk getting cuts on your fingers just to eat their meat. Must try!!

Ichi Zen Pizza
RM 30.00

We had half of it salmon, half of it eel, just like the overpriced sushi above. This was just okay. Doesn't taste really special or anything. I would still prefer the good old Hawaiian Supreme Pizza over this any day.

Overall, it was a good meal. Ichizen is one of the awesome Japanese restaurants that is worth revisiting :)

30,32 and 34,
Jalan KSB 1,
Taman Kota Syahbandar,
75200 Melaka.

As much as I like visiting restaurants and cafes to eat, sometimes I just really want to stay home and hope that good food (besides the usual pizza or Mc Donald's) will just drop down from Heaven so that I can save the hassle of going out. 

Now with Foodpanda, this has been made possible.

Okay, so they don't really make food drop down from Heaven, but it's pretty darn close!

Foodpanda is a online food delivery service that brings your favourite food right to your doorstep!
They have menus of more than 350 restaurants located in Melaka, KL, JB, Ipoh, Petaling Jaya and Penang.

You want Indian food? Japanese food? Thai food? Seafood? Korean food? Western food?
They have it all!

All you have to do is go to their website ...

Enter the city that you are living in and your current location. 

Press the 'Find food now!' button to search what type of restaurants are made available for Foodpanda deliveries in your area.

When you find a restaurant to your liking, just click 'go to menu' and check out what offers they have and choose your choice of food!

See? Very simple isn't it? You can pay for your food via PayPal, Online Payment or even Cash On Delivery (COD)!

They even have their own app that you can download on your smartphones! Just search 'Foodpanda' and you'll be able to find it in Google Play or the App Store ( or just scan the QR code below!

Now for exciting news! I'll be giving away 10 Foodpanda vouchers, each worth RM10 to 5 people! Means 2 vouchers for each winner!  All you have to do is follow the simple step below to win!


Just leave a comment below with these 3 things:
1. What you like about my blog
2. What you think I should improve on my blog
3. Your name and your email address

Very simple right?! Giveaway ends on the 3rd of February (12.00 midnight), I will be announcing the winners on my blog and also sending them an email, so please remember to leave your emails okay.

That's all for this post! Head on over to Foodpanda and check them out! :)

*Your comments must have all the 3 things listed above to be qualified
**This giveaway is opened to Malaysians only
***Voucher codes will be sent via email to the winners

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