Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year {2014} !

Happy Chinese New Year everybody! How many containers of cookies have you ate so far? hehe.
Personally, Chinese New Year is my second most favourite festive season of the year! (Christmas is first of course, but it's a close fight!) 

During Chinese New Year, you get to buy tons of new clothes, eat ALL the good food, visit your relatives and friends, get ang pau (red packets with money inside), and maybe gamble and win some extra cash? haha. What's not to love about it?!

I don't gamble by the way, I just think it's such a waste of money and a huge risk. I mean, sure, chances of winning is there, but, er, it's just not my element I guess. I remember one time I had a gathering with my primary classmates and I was obliged to join them, we played small though, like 50cents/RM1, after about 2 rounds I pulled myself out. I won RM1, but I felt so guilty about it that I ended up giving that money to church. LOL. #partypooper #goodytwoshoes

Oh yes!! There's one thing I would like to clarify. It surprises me that so many people think that I don't celebrate Chinese New Year because I am a Christian. Chinese New Year is NOT a religious festival, it's celebrated by all Chinese despite our religion. I am a Chinese, that's why I celebrate Chinese New Year. Hope that's clear now. haha

Red wine midi dress , Black leather jacket from Honey Moon  l  Heels from Barry  l  Black sequined clutch from Happy2U  l  Paris Eiffel Tower watch (birthday gift)  l  Silver hoop earrings (birthday gift)

Anyways, we all know that there are a lot of superstitions during CNY, one of the most common one is to never sweep the floor on the first day (it means you'll be sweeping all your fortune away). Once my uncle was sweeping the floor outside my grandma's house and my aunt scolded him, but then he said, 'Aiya, never mind wan la, later I put all the dust in my pocket okay? The fortune won't be gone, don't worry' Haha.

Another thing is the clothes we wear. It's always a custom to wear red, gold, yellow or any shade in those colours as they mean wealth, prosperity and good luck. Black, 50 shades of grey, or any really dark colours, are waaay out of the question as it is considered as 'funeral' colours. Some may not be as superstitious as others but it's still nice to wear festive colours la. I never dare to wear full black or majority black outfits as I am afraid that my grandma's face will turn as black as my clothes when she sees me in them. hehe.

Thus, the red wine midi dress that I'm wearing! It's my first time wearing a dress that goes all the way to my knees. I was a bit doubtful at first because I thought it'll make me look really short, but ta-daa! The cutting is perfect and it's very body hugging. Also, the colour is not too bright, not that kind of chili red. I'm pretty sure we ALL have at least one experience of buying something super red and end up only wearing it once during CNY and then it turns up at the back of your closet collecting dust right? So go for more versatile shades of red is my advice. Red wine is very popular this season :)

Oh, I just realised I didn't take a close up of my clutch and watch >< I will do it next time as I'm going to use them a lot. They are really pretty accessories. Perfect to spice up a simple dress.

Okay, I think I've rambled long enough. Wishing all  新年快乐,万事如意,恭喜发财,年年有余!



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  1. I love the way you guys celebrate Chinese New Years! I'm Laos and we don't have a lot of new years traditions like you guys! But I understand how you feel about gambling and I agree. Haha, my friends hate me because I'm such a goody two-shoes. xD But I LOVE your outfit! Especially the dress and clutch! Happy Chinese New Years! :D

    1. Haha thank you! Oh really? What kind of traditions do you have there though? Haha #goodytwoshoes unite! XD thanks a lot lovely! ;) Happy Chinese New Year to you too! :D

  2. So beautiful outfit! You are really pretty! : )
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  3. gorgeous dress!! you look stunning dear, happy chinese new year!

    1. Thank you gorgeous! Happy Chinese New Year to you as well :D

  4. you seem tall so long dresses should be your forté! hahah :D happy chinese new year. smashing outfit!

    1. Haha I'm really not actually. I'm only 5'1. but thank you for saying that! XD Happy Chinese New Year to you too :))

  5. Glad to hear about you great Chinese new year <3

    My dear, you have a really great body figure !

  6. Wow, what a nice look!
    You're very pretty and I love the leather jacket! x))

    Anyway, you have such a lovely blog.
    I've been following you.
    Mind to follow me back? ^^

    Glad to know you.