Sunday, January 12, 2014

DiGi Challenge for Change

You know one of the major differences between a smart phone and a dumb phone? (Yes, the phrase 'dumb phone' exists! *according to the Urban Dictionary anyway*) 

Well, do you? Do you?

It's apps. 

We all use apps, and if we admit it, some of us are addicted to them. Why? Because some apps make our life easier (Whatsapp, send messages to friends for free, group chats, photo sharing, voice messages,all made possible) , some entertain us when we're bored (Forever refreshing Instagram to see what other people are having for lunch or their latest buys, or where they're hanging out. Not forgetting to comment 'bojio' on their photos), some are educational (What. Don't people download books to read on their smartphones? Tell me I'm not the only person that does this), and the list goes on. 

We spend hours trying to find that one perfect app that suits our needs, spending again another few hours browsing through reviews and debate within ourselves as to which app will suit best. But, have you ever thought of creating an app yourself?

If you have, then I have great news for you. 

DiGi is now having the fifth edition of it's annual DiGi Challenge for Change (DiGiCFC) programme!
Basically, it's a competition where they invite Malaysians to submit ideas and apps, the 4 best ideas will be actually developed into real mobile apps that can be downloaded and used! Cool right?

There are 4 categories for this challenge. They are:

DiGi has also established two development events as part of the programme, which are #IDEAJAM (an 'idea hackathon') and #HACK!@DiGiCFC (a 'mobile app hackathon') to help maximise the quality and potential of each idea and mobile app!

This challenge will be divided into 2 parts:

Ideation Challenge (27th November 2013 - 18th January 2014), the phase where the public (YOU!) submit your ideas on and the best 4 ideas will be developed into mobile apps in the next phase.

App Development Challenge (26th January 2014 - 24th April 2014), this phase invites Malaysian developers to build mobile apps of the 4 winning ideas. Each app will be made available for download and review by the public. The most popular and feasible app will win the challenge!

There are loads of exciting prizes to be won and more than RM200,000 in cash are up for grabs this year!

This will be my entry! I used to learn dancing last time and have learnt Chinese Cultural dance before. That's why I came up with this idea. haha 

I've submitted my entry!

What are you waiting for?! Head on over to and submit your entry now!

Never try never know right? Your app might just become the next big thing and you will be able to laugh your way to the bank to collect all that $$$

*Challenge for Change is open to all Malaysians aged 12 and above
**for more info, please visit

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