Friday, December 27, 2013

The last 'one'

Mint Green thin sweater , denim shorts from Honey Moon  l  Friendship bracelets made by my best friend for my birthday <3 

Turned 19 on Christmas this year. It's my last 'one'. Geddit? lol. It is also my last 'teen'. As happy as I am that my birthday and Christmas has finally arrived (I have to wait 358 days every year for it), I am also kinda sad that from next year on wards, I'm gonna be a 'two' already!

One question that I get asked almost 90% of the time when people know my birth date is 'How does it feel like to have your birthday on Christmas?' I am not gonna lie, it is amazing. 

I know that I'm definitely not the only person out there who has their birthday on Christmas (my church alone has 3!) but it still feels really special. To be born on what's said to be the most magical day of the year, the most festive season, the day to be compulsorily jolly. And how can I forget, sharing the same birthday as Jesus? Awesome beyond words. Wonder if I get to blow out candles with Jesus when I get to Heaven. If I do, I hope they have Instagram up there, because that would be a very Instagram-y worthy moment.

I was actually born two weeks earlier than I was supposed to. According to my mum, she kept playing Christmas songs when she was pregnant with me and kept telling me, "You gotta come out when you hear these songs okay?" And so I did. hehe

I have so many things to talk about Christmas/my birthday. This will be 1 of 3 posts that I will hopefully be able to put up before the new year begins.

 Birthday cake baked by my brother!
Reason why I wore slippers because no one wears heels in a park and I wanted to be comfy

Hope you guys had a merry, jolly, wonderful, amazing, blessed Christmas. Because I sure did. And I cannot be more thankful than that.



  1. Great!:) xo

  2. Love your look, so pretty
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    A chic kiss ;)

  3. you get prettier each post! Mint looks really good on you ^^

    1. naww thanks Nayoung! You're too sweet =') haha Mint is officially my second most favourite colour now =P

  4. Happy belated birthday and your looks so beautiful on all of your photos <3

  5. You look so pretty dear Mandy, Happy New Year!

    Chic Swank