Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thank You 2013

Can hardly believe that today is the last day of 2013 already! So much has happened this year. I can't deny there were more rough times than smooth sailing ones for me.

But, I am thankful, for both, the good and the bad.

Funny enough, I'm extra thankful for the hard times, because they really taught me a lot. They taught me to be stronger, to be more patient, and to always have faith in The One that holds the future. And after going through so much, I realized I am 10 times more grateful for all the littlest most possible things than I probably would if I didn't go through all that.

I'm thankful for my family for the little things.
My mum who poured me a glass of water and place it in my room when she knew I was talking on the phone with a friend and I might feel thirsty.
My dad, who is a man of few words, hugged me really tight and told me he loves me a lot on my birthday.
My brother who never baked a cake single handedly, offered to bake me a cake. And it was really good.
My sister who lent me a hand when I was organizing my wardrobe.
My cousins who surprised me with a visit.
My extended family for being so understanding.

I am thankful for my friends too, new and old.
The new:
God knows that I couldn't have survived this year without them.
They made me a video for my birthday and I teared up while watching it, feeling super blessed to have met them all. (Thank you guys again, especially the mastermind behind the whole thing)
Thank you all for sticking with me through thick and thin, and for making me laugh even when I don't feel like laughing.
The old:
Just talking to them, even if it isn't face-to-face makes me feel happy. Extra thankful that we are still part of each other's lives even though we don't see each other on a daily basis anymore.
And my best friend, who has been there for me since form 2, thank you <3

P.S: Taking this opportunity to thank everyone who wished me for my birthday and all the gifts too. ily xx

Leaving behind all the bad and the negativity, carrying forward the good and the positives.

Now, instead of making a ton of new year resolutions that I might just give up on after the first day of the year, I decided to just make one. That is to always stay positive no matter what the situation may be.

Because that can pull anyone through anything :)

Just thought I should end this post with a goofy picture. hehe

Happy New Year to all!
Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365 pages book. Write a good one :)

Lots of love xxx


  1. 2013 was really fun but there were certainly difficult times. I love and miss the little things families can do for you.. it really touches your heart, doesn't it? :) We should stay positive always and hope for the best in the next new year! Happy New Year, Mandy! :) xx

    Chic Nikkie

    1. omg yes. Never knew the little things could mean so much. Yes we should :) Thank you Nicole! Have a great New Year yourself ^^

  2. Happy New Year, Mandy! :) May your dreams come true in this brand, new year!

    1. Thank you girls! :))) Hope that all your wishes come true as well! Have an amazing year ahead!

  3. love the 2nd picture dear
    Btw Happy New Year :D

  4. happy new year and have an amazing one!! :D

    1. Thank you!! Happy new year to you too :)) xoxo