Sunday, November 24, 2013

Back to Basics

Basic cropped white tee and black skorts from Honey Moon  l  Accessories from Vintage Style  l  Jeffrey Campbell inspired shoes from SingxFashion

I feel that in every girl's wardrobe, we have to have some basics, which are those apparels that can match with everything. And I think that a basic white tee and black shorts are essentials because they can go with anything at all!

Got both of those from my favourite shop of all time in Dataran Pahlawan, and I love the skorts (skirt+shorts) because it fits perfectly and the cutting is really nice. :D

Also, usually when I am wearing something simple, I like to spice up the whole look with some accessories, just so that it doesn't look too plain. 

By the way, these shoes are my new loves!! I've been wanting Jeffrey Campbells forever, and since I cannot afford to get the authentic ones, the inspired ones are good enough for me. haha.

I bought them at SingxFashion. Their stuff are pretty cheap. This pair of shoes only cost me RM59! Check them out if you're interested :D

#selfie and #makeup of the day

Went on a half day trip to IKEA (Damansara Jaya) with my family today and basically wishing that I own every showroom they have there. haha

IKEA Chicken Wings
Rate: 9/10

IKEA Swedish Meatballs
Rate: 7/10
I honestly feel that the IKEA meatballs are a lil overrated. Somehow their chicken wings taste so much better for me. And is serving meatballs with strawberry jam a Swedish thing or something? 

Aren't these Christmas curtains so so pretty?! and the fairy lights! omg! #soinlove

My brother was on the roll with lame jokes and puns today.

Me: *holding fake sheep skin*
Bro: Hey, mei...
Me: What?
Bro: Oh sheep. (Oh sh*t)
Me: ... *rolls eyes*

Me: *looking at a painting of an owl*
Bro: Owl follow you. (I will follow you)
Me: .... *double roll eyes*

Sometimes, I don't know what to do with that boy. lol. Despite his punny-ness and lame-ness, he does write very well. Check out his the essay he wrote, titled: Truly Malaysian: Describe what this means to you.  (yes, it is the 2013 SPM English essay Continuos Writing Question.)

Ah, one last thing, meet my future vanity area, which I will be getting in...10 years time, together with my walk-in wardrobe. haha #agirlcandreamcantshe

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  1. Awwwww, so nice to be there! Heart you simple outfit so much♥

    1. Hehehe thank you! Ya the showrooms there so nice!! But the meatballs really disappointing leh -.-

  2. i love your outfit mandy. its so cool yet chicky. :)

  3. One of my fave looks so far, simple but really sophisticated :)

  4. super!:) xo

  5. Ops!! I thought I already commented!! :S just wanna tell you I love your boots!!!! So nice!!!!! <3

  6. aww.... you looked so beautiful on these photos <3

    I love the outfit too!

  7. i like your outfit , very simple and nice !!!!
    would like to nominate you for Liebster Award , please check out the question at

  8. gorgeous look !
    can never go wrong with black and white